Enterprise Intranet for IT Professionals

Enterprise-Ready Architecture

Custom jobs are too expensive and time-consuming; template solutions are fast but rigid. Akumina sits squarely between the worlds of product and platform delivering a quick, yet customizable intranet solution that has no boundaries.

Management Layer

  • The AppManager framework provides content and site management capabilities through an easy to use “app-based” approach.
  • A reduced learning curve is associated with managing content in SharePoint along with more administrative tasks such as provisioning new sites.

Data Layer

  • Pre-built connectivity to the Microsoft productivity suite offers the ability to build new connections to other mission-critical applications (i.e. Kronos, Workday, etc).
  • Akumina adheres to O365 and Azure data storage best practices and doesn’t store any data.
  • Akumina uses O365 as a security service, permission service, and data service.

Presentation Layer

  • A lightweight set of frameworks allows developers to deliver personalized employee experiences through a set of re-usable and mobile-friendly components.
  • Data and services are connected across native Microsoft Office 365 capabilities plus 3rd party applications.



No Special Skills Necessary

  • Develop engaging workplace experiences with existing technical skills.
  • Open framework leverages mobile-friendly components out-of-the-box.
  • App-based administration reduces friction managing content and tasks.

Secure and Compliant

  • Pre-built connections to leading enterprise systems, like O365, utilizes security, provisioning, and data storage as services. Akumina does not store your data.
  • Robust site-provisioning makes it easy to stand up sites, dashboards, or workplaces with simple permission-based authoring.
  • SDK and API integrations extend customization capabilities.