Akumina Partners

Akumina provides our partners and customers with a digital workplace platform that delivers a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work, collaborate and innovate. This allows our partners to cut through the noise of multiple business systems by abstracting them from the things their clients don’t need to see and providing them with an experience that is relevant, personalized and in context to what they are working on.

Akumina Partners are fully committed to using the Akumina platform and understanding best practices, as well as flawlessly executing and collaborating on Akumina’s vision to drive employee engagement, corporate collaboration and worker productivity.

The partners listed here are fully supported by Akumina and are experts in making your investment the best it possibly can be. Akumina stands behind every one of its partners 100%; when picking an Akumina partner you are getting the best of both of us to ensure you success.

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