Akumina & Microsoft

Delivering digital experiences that transform how employees work

Technology Alliance with Purpose

As a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Akumina delivers a software platform that allows Microsoft customers to create modern intranets also known as digital workplaces that drives the active use, consumption and productivity on top of Office365 and Azure.

Together, Akumina and Microsoft Deliver:

  • Unified Platform
    for O365 Systems

    InterChange delivers a user experience platform that layers on top of Office 365 bringing together all of the business system of Office 365 (OneDrive,Yammer, Power BI, Skype, SharePoint, OfficeVideo, etc.) into a unified platform.

  • Increase Microsoft
    Investment Value

    InterChange platform provides customers the ability to leverage the full value of their Microsoft investment by driving the active use and consumption of Office 365 advance workloads while eliminating the need for redundant platforms.

  • Intuitive UI for
    Non-Tech Users

    The InterChange platform provides an intuitive user interface for non-technical users. Leveraging Office Graph and Active Directory, content and apps can be consolidated and displayed in the context of each task for each user, greatly increasing user adoption and productivity.

  • Consumer-like Experiences

    Users are empowered to manage content, site behavior, and other applications inside of Office 365 as well as external applications as easy as using an app on their phone, providing a significantly more engaging employee experience that aligns with the consumer-like experience their employees are looking for.

Akumina Focus is 100% Aligned with Microsoft's Vision


Akumina is focused on enabling organizations to build custom applications back-ended by Microsoft cloud services, while giving end users a consumer-like experience.

Akumina’s Digital Workplace Platform, InterChange enriches an organization’s investment in Microsoft cloud technologies and is 100% aligned with Microsoft’s vision around reinventing productivity and business process that are cloud first mobile first.

Akumina works with organizations of all sizes who are looking to:

  • Get more ROI out of their Microsoft Office 365 investment
  • Build a Modern Intranet solution that provides consumer-like experiences
  • Create digital experiences that increase productivity and employee engagement
  • Improve their existing Office 365 and SharePoint implementations

The user experience InterChange delivers is a game-changer that will help Microsoft’s customers and partners dramatically increase end-user satisfaction and drive adoption of Microsoft technologies

Sanket Akerkar, Vice President and Global Sales Excellence at Microsoft.



I am impressed with Akumina’s technology and focus on delivering value to customers and partners. We have a tremendous opportunity to help organizations maximize their investment in Office 365, Microsoft’s other cloud services, and market leading applications like Salesforce.com

Paul Houghton, Former Vice President at Microsoft.