The Akumina Platform

Why Developers Love Building with Akumina

Unlike "Intranet-in-a-box" offerings, Akumina understands that every company is different and that a one-size-fits–all approach isn't going to satisfy an enterprise's specific business requirements. That's why Akumina delivers a series of enterprise frameworks allowing developers and system integrators a simplified experience for building engaging digital experiences such as modern intranets, employee dashboards and portal sites designed to engage any audience.

Rapid Development
Developers benefit from a scalable decoupled architecture, separating the content and presentation layers allowing for tremendous flexibility and rapid product development.
Simplified Development
Pre-built components allow developers to build experiences quickly and utilize SDKs and APIs to easily extend the functionality of existing components as well as build custom components.
Scalable Platform
The architecture of our platform provides a repeatable, predictable and scalable foundation that allows developers to build an ongoing cadence of new functionality in real-time without site downtime.

The Frameworks

The Akumina platform provides a content management system for the management of data stored in any technology system inside and outside of Office 365 and a presentation framework for delivering content and data to an Office 365/SharePoint page or an agnostic .NET MVC page for delivering engaging digital experiences to any audience.

  • Management

    Create intuitive user experiences in the form of 'apps' just like an app on a mobile device for managing content and site behavior from 3rd party data sources.

  • Client-Side Presentation Framework

    Create digital experiences to run inside Office 365 and SharePoint that allow for the presentation of data and experiences through a series of JavaScript widget components.

  • Server-Side Presentation Framework

    Create experiences that consume data from Office 365/SharePoint and other data sources but isn't rendered in Office 365/SharePoint but rather an agnostic .NET MVC application.

Management Framework

App Manager

App-Centric Agnostic Content Management

The Akumina content management system known as our AppManager is all about end-user adoption allowing developers to create intuitive user experiences in the form of 'apps' just like an app on a mobile device for managing content from 3rd party data sources, editing site properties, administrative tasks, and many other use cases to help provide consumer-like experiences for employees to perform their job.

Out-of-the-box apps include various site management apps such as adding an image gallery, adding a company news article, creating an employee spotlight, and even a site creator app which allows non-technical users to rapidly deploy a new site whether it be a team project site, department site, or any other scenario. Apps also connect to third-party data sources to allow employees to quickly perform task related to their job (submit expense report, enter data to a CRM, and many more use cases) without having to login to the 3rd party system.

  • Abstracts users from needing to access or get trained on multiple back-end business systems.
  • Presents apps to end-users to manage content, just like using an app on a smartphone.
  • Provides developers SDKs to build custom apps that connect to any data source.
  • Frees developers from having update the subsystem to expose new capabilities.

Client-Side Presentation Framework

Using our client-side framework, developers can create digital experiences to run inside Office 365/SharePoint that allow for the presentation of data and experiences through a series of JavaScript widget components.

  • JavaScript Widgets

    Extend, customize, branch and reuse the out-of-the-box open-source widgets or build custom ones.

  • Handlebars

    Map a JavaScript model object to an HTML view without putting a dependency between the two.

  • CAML Query

    Create CAML queries and speed up your development making queries against SharePoint list.

  • Targetting Framework

    Reads system and user properties from Office Graph and map to context objects.

  • Built-in Eventing

    Inject custom code separately from the application and enable cross widget communication.

  • Page Lifecycle

    Understand when certain elements of a page will be ready, or loaded.

Server-Side Presentation Framework

Solutions built using Akumina's server-side framework are designed to create experiences that consumes data from Office 365/SharePoint and other back-end enterprise data sources without rendering in an Office 365/SharePoint experience but rather an agnostic .NET MVC application.

  • Provider App

    Pre-built project contains API references, serverside controls and AzureKey vault integration for a quick and easy starting point.

  • Pre-Built Controls

    Framework contains pre-built controls and content blocks allowing for rapid development of new experiences.

  • API Layer

    A home grown API layer wraps SharePoint CSOM APIs to accelerate retrieving data. Developers can easily filter, order and paginate data sets.

  • No Client-Side Development

    Developers can leverage their existing C# and MVC development skillsets to build Office 365 and SharePoint driven web properties.

  • Headless Site Experience

    Enable data to come from any number of back-end data sources but without rendering in an Office 365 or SharePoint page.

  • Secure Unauthorized Access

    Site can be publicly accessible while shielding the data sources from unauthorized access.

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