Build Digital Experiences that Transform your Workplace

InterChange is a powerful, customizable development platform that allows our customers and partners to build modern intranets,
digital dashboards and portals that transform how employees work, engage and collaborate. InterChange focuses on providing
employees with engaging experiences that connects all the tools and technologies they need to succeed - on any device.

Digital Experiences Built on InterChange Empowers Employees With

A Unified Platform

Bring together all the tools and technology that employees need to perform their job into a unified platform

Purposeful Apps

Pre-built purposeful apps to help users manage and update content, like using an app on their phone

Personalized Experiences

Display just the right information in the context of each task for each user based on user location and role

Content Management

Non-technical users can create, edit and manage content without ever going into SharePoint or third-party business systems

Widget & Tools

Over 50 out-of-the-box widgets and controls to display content from Office 365 and cloud services via intuitive displays (list, galleries, news feeds, etc.).

Responsive UI

Responsive UI providing employees with instant access to the most important information, from any device

Features and Capabilities

Core features out-of-the-box for a Modern Intranet, Digital Dashboard or Portal

InterChange enables all the core requirements of a modern intranet including; team collaboration, information sharing and delivery,
employee directory, social networking capabilities, employee recognition, content and document management, reporting and much more.

Collaboration & Communication

Create a centralized location for employees to communicate and collaborate on projects and initiatives that brings together all the contributors, data, and conversations into a single location.

Connect Employees

InterChange provides users the ability to quickly connect and locate colleagues across an organization through a simplified UI and robust search.

Department Spaces

Allow departments to quickly build pages to deliver departmental news and engage employees.

Personalzied Dashboards

With personalized dashboards employees can have a single point of access to all data, reports, and files that are usually siloed across multiple enterprise systems. Pull in data from Office 365 and third party systems to give executives quick access to make business critical decisions.

Developer-Friendly Framework

Decoupled Architecture

InterChange framework has a decoupled architecture often referred to as a "headless CMS" model that exposes a data presentation layer that separates content from its presentation allowing developers the ability to deliver content and data from Office 365 or cloud services via APIs to a SharePoint page or agnostic .NET MVC application to build intranets, extranets, websites and more.

Web Widgets

The InterChange comes equipped with 50+ open-sourced widgets to control how content from Office 365 services and any other business system of record is displayed (image galleries, calendars, directories, news feeds, etc). Developers can leverage client-side JavaScript technologies to easily extend and build out custom widgets.

Developer Tools
& Flexibility

InterChange provides an SDK for custom development allowing developers to easily create new apps without needing to start from scratch every time and because content is rendered through an abstraction layer developers can create new apps or edit apps without needing to upgrade the core subsystem.


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