Deliver Truly Multilingual
and Multicultural Experiences

Deliver a Global Intranet

Global intranets deliver digital experiences to your employees like never before empowering a more productive and collaborative global workforce – on any device, at any time, around the globe, in any language and supporting any culture

Engage Global Employees
Engage employees with personalized, contextual and consumer-like experience to perform their job responsibilities in their native tongue.
Drive Productivity
Provide a centralized location for employees to easily interact with all the tools, data and technology required to perform their job function and make business critical decisions faster.
Empower Collaboration
True collaboration has no boundaries – why should your Intranet. Allow teams spread out across the globe to effectively and seamlessly collaborate on projects that drive innovation.

All the Features and Capabilities of a Global Intranet

The most robust features, flexibility and functionality of any platform for building global intranets


    Empower communication managers and content authors alike with intuitive tools and flexible options for deploying multilingual experiences and communications across global organizations.


    Choose from over 205 IETF language tags, allowing you to create content based on the culture for a region, not just for a specific language. All this adds up to a site experience that can exceed the expectations of your global audience

  • Multilingual Support

    Support includes features such as integrated content compare mode, native-language content management, branching and complete object model culture and language awareness – going beyond simple content translation and allowing for the creation of multicultural employee engagements.


    Users are empowered to create their own dashboards to bring together data such as documents, events, contacts, task and more living in disparate backend systems into a unified view

  • Forms & Reporting

    Forms provide a powerful way to gather information, take requests that drive actions, and effectively get feedback in the most efficient way possible.


    Provide employees and easy way to find co-worker regardless where they are located. Search based on name, department, location, or any other attributes available.


Connectors & Third-Party Integrations

Bring together all the data intelligence, documents, and communications together from all the systems that span across your organization into a unified platform. Akumina provides out-of-the-box connectors and capabilities for connecting to today's most popular systems from Office 365, SharePoint and Azure to leading enterprise CRM, HCM, financial and data systems. New connectors can easily be built to any data source with a RESTful endpoint utilizing SDKs.


Akumina's engagement software platform provides employees with an intuitive interface for managing their Intranet. Managing the corporate intranet is as easy as using an app on a smart phone, allowing any business users the ability to edit and create content without any technical or platform expertise.

Branding & Design

From custom branding and styling to custom content displays - build experiences that match your branding and display content in the most effective way for users across any device.

App-Centric Management

Managing content, site properties and task are performed easily via apps- just like using an app on a smart phone.

Modular Page Building

Non-technical users can easily edit and update pages by dragging and dropping pre-built blocks utilizing modular page building and in-context editing.

Targeted Content

With built-in targeting, communications and content can be targeted and displayed differently to specific users and groups based on their language, role, department, location or other criteria.

Developer-Friendly Platform

Akumina's software platform delivers a series of enterprise frameworks allowing developers and system integrators to build engaging digital experiences such as modern intranets, employee dashboards and portal sites. Unlike 'Intranet in-a-box' offerings, Akumina's framework allows you the flexibility to quickly deploy solutions with an extendable framework for customizing and adding new functionality over time as your organization's business requirements evolve.

  • Site Deployment Tools

    Developers can package up functionality that would otherwise have to be manually done over and over again. Once the developer defines the package, they can make it available for the business users to execute.

  • Decoupled Architecture

    Developers benefit from a scalable, decoupled architecture, separating the content and presentation layers allowing for tremendous flexibility and rapid product development.

  • Modern Developer Technologies

    Akumina leverages best practices in modern TypeScript,JavaScript and C#/MVC design patterns allowing developers to leverage existing technical skill sets to build transformative experiences.


    SDK's and API's allowing for the creation of custom components and the extension/modification of the pre-built components that come out of the box. Developers can easily build integrations to any data soure with a RESTful endpoint.

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