how to build a digital employee experience

3 simple steps to build an effective digital employee experience

There are some serious rock star companies out there, friends. Places you dream about working at. Places that spend time and money making sure that their employees (no, I didn’t mean “customers,” I actually meant employees) are happy. Places that recognize that employee satisfaction is the secret ingredient to the recipe for customer satisfaction.

So what about the rest of us? How can we become the Rolling Stones of employee satisfactionThree words: Start with technology. An effective digital employee experience can lay the foundation for an overall positive employee experience.

Here are three first steps that can help you create a digital employee experience to write home about. 

1. Know your employees.  

The first, and arguably most obvious, step in building any effective employee experience (digital or otherwise) is to know your team.  What does your company’s demographic look like? Do you have employees in different countries or locales? Do they work at a desk or on a mobile device? What are their primary job functions? 

Once you’ve learned about their work styles, take it one step further and get personal. (Shameless plug: the Akumina Persona Builder can help with that.) Are they primarily male or female? Do they have children? What do they do for fun on the weekends? Then, armed with all that knowledge, you’re thoroughly prepared to deliver the right information to the right people via the right channels.

(Another shameless plug: the Akumina Experience Builder can help with that too.) 

2. Let your team take their tech to go.

If you employ a workforce of human beings, your team is never in one place for long. They’re working from home, shuttling children to various extracurriculars, taking dogs to the vet, or video conferencing with the team in California. Gone are the days of the classic 9-5 when weekdays are segmented into strict time blocks. Today’s employees want the freedom to work wherever, whenever, and still be productive.  

If you’re in IT, you’re probably sitting up and saying, “Ooooh, I can help with that!” You know tech best, and with the information that you gathered in step 1 above, you can team up with your partners on the business side to make sure that you’re investing in the right tools and building the right infrastructure to support them. Oh, and since, according to TechRepublic, one of the most-reported reasons for quitting a job was slow response time and/or broken processes around IT, you get to make sure the tools you use are simple enough that you don’t have to single handedly manage them. Win-win! 

And since shameless plugs seem to be the secondary theme of this post, Akumina’s Enterprise Native Mobility feature can help keep your mobile teams on track. 

3. Look to the future.

Let me guess. You want to make sure that you roll out your new digital employee experience solution the right way. Your shareholders want you to roll it out as quickly as possible so that you can start reaping the benefits. 

Here’s some good news. You can do both. It’s true; David Maffei says soYou can buy that out-of-the-box solution, gather data to learn how your employees are using it, and continue to grow and evolve. 

To continue riding the shameless plug bus, the Akumina Employee Experience Platform is scalable and customizable. Check it out. 

So, to round out this post, I guess what I’m saying is that you can build a really great digital experience for your company, and Akumina can help you do it. Visit us to get a demo, and rock on.

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