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4 benefits of an employee experience portal

If you haven’t read the blog post where I compared an intranet to a day spa, click on over and read it before we continue here.

All set? Cool. So, here’s the thing. A day spa is the greatest thing ever, because it’s a central location where you can go to get all the pampering you could possibly want. Need a massage? Go to the day spa. Facial? Go to the day spa. Seaweed wrap? Day spa. You get my point.

An employee experience portal – what we at Akumina refer to as our “modern intranet” – is the day spa of your digital work experience. You might call it a portal, you might call it a hub, you might call it a dashboard; whatever you call it, it’s essential to your day-to-day productivity.

Why should you have an employee experience portal?

An employee experience portal is meant to help improve employee experience at your organization. Here are a couple benefits you will enjoy when you deploy yours.

  1. Work faster. If you implement a truly effective employee portal, your employees could potentially set up camp there at 9 a.m., and work straight through until 5 p.m. A really good employee experience portal is set up to be the presentation layer of all the disparate applications your team uses throughout the day, so that when they log in, they can complete all of their tasks, regardless of the required tools. For example, someone could submit an expense report through Workday, log leads in Salesforce, and edit a document in SharePoint, all from a single application.
  2. Find content faster. Information is easy to find, because it’s all accessible from the same place. After a while, it becomes second nature to go to the portal before asking someone where to find something. And if your portal is built on a content management system (CMS), it’s easy to update a document once and publish it once to multiple users. That way, you can rest assured that the version everyone is seeing is the most recent version.
  3. Easily send mass communications. With the push of a button, you can send out communication blasts to anyone and everyone, delivered to the same place company wide. Your employees can access everything from regularly-scheduled newsletters to informal alerts, to website-like news feeds, all within the portal.
  4. Connect with everyone, not just the people you sit near. An employee experience portal can be used almost as a social media platform, allowing employees worldwide to connect and learn from one another. Using a tool like Microsoft Yammer, employees in Paris can bond with those in Lima, Peru, over a shared opinion about SharePoint best practices. The best part? The technology they use can allow their conversation to be translated so each participant is consuming content in their own language. This type of collaboration is essential for learning and growth, and it builds a sense of community within your workforce.

How can an employee experience portal improve your workplace?

There are two primary benefits of an employee experience portal, and unfortunately neither is easily measurable. But every good organization is already aware of and actively prioritizing both. The first benefit is increased productivity. The second is increased engagement. Both are crucial to an organization’s success.

In terms of productivity, the employee experience portal or employee experience platform is extremely helpful in streamlining day-to-day activities. There’s one required log in to access several tools (ending the endless loop of forgetting and resetting passwords), everything is easily accessible on a single page (reduced time spent looking for things), and project management is a cinch when all the tasks are presented in one place.

By removing the frustrations associated with having to use multiple tools to complete daily tasks, your organization can boost your employee’s engagement and satisfaction as well. When employees are engaged, they are focused and happy. They shift from being employees to brand ambassadors, and there’s no better to share your company’s story than through a satisfied employee.

Well, there you have it.

Employee experience portals, modern intranets, employee hubs … whatever you choose to call them, they’re unifying, efficient, and collaborative. Implementing one can make all the difference in your employee’s experience at your organization. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and get one today!

For more information on Employee Experience Platforms check out our guide.

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