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6 employee experience tools you need ASAP

If you’re thinking about employee experience at your organization (and who isn’t, right?), you might also be planning to develop a digital workplace for said employees. Going digital can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, you can make sure to create a space that your employees will thrive in. Here are the top six employee experience tools that will get you started on the right foot.

1. A user-friendly intranet

The intranet of today’s workforce is not just a list of links or outdated documents. It’s a one-stop shop for all of the content and tools that you need to get your job done. It’s engaging, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t require intervention from IT to manage. You log in once, and you’re set for the day.

Think of it this way. How terrible would it be if you headed out for a relaxing day of pampering, only to find out that your manicure was in one nail salon, your pedicure was in another, and you had to hoof it across town to get a facial? What a hassle.

A modern intranet is the day spa of corporate America. You log in, you get an employee directory, access to your benefits subscriptions, important news stories from around the world, and so on. It’s the homepage you never have to leave.

2. A single source of truth for all of your content

If you create or distribute content, a content management system allows you to create your content one time, and customize and deliver it in an infinite number of ways to any device.

The Akumina AppManager, for example, allows you to create your content on any device in an app-based interface. After you create it, you can send it out to all of the audiences that use your employee experience platform. Plus, since there’s only one source file, you never have to worry that someone has outdated information.

3. Real-time, localized, interactive communication

From an organizational perspective, communication is often a catch-all term for “news from upper management.” But in with a true communications platform, you can facilitate multi-directional, applicable communication between any group of employees, in the language that they understand best.

So if you work in the Orlando, Florida office, you can get alerts from the real estate and facilities team for that particular office in English, while your colleague gets them in Spanish. And nobody in the Des Moines, Iowa office hears anything about it in any language, because it’s not relevant to anyone in Des Moines.

4. A means for enabling teamwork

I honestly can’t think of a single task that I perform at work that doesn’t benefit from at least one other person’s input. Even this post, which I write in solitude, will be reviewed and edited by colleagues, and be made all the better for it. My point is that most jobs require and benefit from teamwork. At the very least, we all need to communicate status to our managers, and two people constitute a team.

So, we all need some sort of collaboration tool to make sure that our teamwork is efficient, focused, and accessible to all group participants. Teams large and small can benefit from a chat feature, milestone tracker, knowledge base and more; all of which are available using the Akumina collaboration engine.

5. A mobile app

Ever wanted to build your own app, but then you realize you have none of the required skill set to make it happen? No problem. The Akumina employee experience platform allows your company to create an enterprise native mobile app that looks and behaves as if you designed it from scratch. It’s branded, secure, and allows users to access their device’s camera, GPS, notifications, and more.

Remember back in the communications platform feature section where we talked about real estate and facilities alerts? (If you snoozed through that section, I’ll give you a second to catch up.) Anyway, using the enterprise native mobile app, you can push notifications to each user’s device via your app.

Plus, at the end of the day, the app allows your team to be mobile, which roughly translates to FREE. They can work from anywhere, anytime, as long as they have access to a device.

6. Support for integrations

Going back to the day spa metaphor, let’s take it one step further into utopia. Imagine you were able to hit up the spa for some R&R, but then you could also pick up your groceries, and gas up your car all in the same place. You could do an entire weekend’s worth of errands in a single location.

That’s exactly the experience all employees should also have at work. There should be a place that you can log into, where all of your required apps are integrated in one unified digital workplace. Imagine the clicks you would save, and the time forgetting and resetting passwords for the dozens of apps you use. The only way that could be better is if it would also babysit your kids and groom your dog.


I think I’ve not-so-subtly made the point that an employee experience tool (like Akumina’s) provides all the employee experience tools that you and your team need to be productive and efficient. So I hope you’ll go on over to our site to request a demo and start living your best life at work.

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