Akumina president: Employee experiences start with everyone in workforce

Looking to make an impactful change to the way your employees work and feel? David Maffei has some advice for you.

The president and CRO of Akumina, who has made a career of improving work life for remote workers, then customers, and now employees, sat down with CMSWire early this week.

The article provides a walkthrough of David’s career and some insights into where he sees the digital workplace industry going.

The key takeaway? Invest in your employees. All of them. According to David, to build a successful digital workplace, organizations need to consider their employees as users first, technology consumers second. More importantly, they need to consider everyone on the team, because, as David says, “… from the CEO to the part-time manufacturing shop floor worker, every employee is the same.”

Head over to CMSWire to check out the entire article. And to see how David’s philosophy has manifested itself in the Akumina product, visit our site and get a demo.

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