Akumina releases FLIGHT, accelerated delivery of the world’s leading digital workplace

In response to today’s blockbuster announcement of the FLIGHT offering, which allows customers to implement the Akumina employee experience platform in an accelerated timeframe and at a reduced cost, I sat down with Akumina vice president of alliances Troy Trudel to find out more. 

What is FLIGHT? 

FLIGHT is a solution that combines the capabilities of the Akumina platform married with the expertise of Avanade’s global delivery teams. It is a solution for rapidly launching modern digital workplace experiences for our clients that gives them a foundation that can be configured to meet their unique requirements. 

What makes FLIGHT so unique?

FLIGHT combines the platform capabilities of Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform with Avanade’s experience delivering over 2,000 employee engagement projects. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Akumina platform, such as the Persona Builder and Experience Builder tools, and Avanade’s user experience and deployment capabilities, our customers get a world-class solution delivered in a fraction of the time and expense of a complete custom build. 

Who can benefit from it?

Any organization that is looking to launch an effective and engaging employee-centered experience can benefit from FLIGHT. The organizations that have decided to embark on a digital transformation journey, but don’t know where to start, will now be able to begin much faster than they ever could have imagined. 

How can people get it?

FLIGHT is only available from Akumina. Visit the FLIGHT page on Akumina.com, sign up for a demo, and find us on TwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook! 

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