Driving Towards Digital Centralization in the Modern Workplace 

Digital centralization is becoming a popular term to describe the rising trend of bringing technology into a single-lane experience as a holistic-styled approach to living in the fourth industrial revolution.

The masses want to have a seamlessly connected experience whether it be online or through connected devices. This allows people to reduce the quantity of technology and software they use or devices they carry. It’s the concept of pulling disparate systems into one destination where they can be centrally managed.

The Experience of Digital Centralization at Home and Work

“Alexa, I’m leaving,” I say as I grab my keys and begin to head out the door. The lights automatically go down, and soft music starts for my dog—so he doesn’t feel lonely while I’m gone. When I get to my car, it’s already warm inside because I auto started it from my phone and the vehicle detected cold weather. On my way to work, I take a different route because the GPS on my phone directed me around heavy traffic.

I get to work, sit down at my desk, and start my day. The experience of centralizing the technology or software that I use shouldn’t stop. I open my laptop and log in to a digital workplace. It includes internal announcements and a calendar, tasks for the day, messages from colleagues, my Outlook emails, applications like Salesforce, the list goes on… and the connectivity doesn’t stop.  The digital workplace stays with me while I attend meetings in the afternoon. After my first meeting, I check my phone and see that a milestone has been completed on my latest project and two new tasks have been added by my teammates in the UK.

As an employee, I’m happy because my experience transitioning from my personal life to my work life is seamless. I’m greeted with a consistent ease of access to what I use most in my day-to-day whether it be my experience using personal technology resources or the experience of the abundance of applications impacting my productivity at work.

How to centralize your digital workplace?

The Akumina platform is a one-stop shop and shines when it comes to creating a single pane of glass employee experience.  The platform creates a holistic workplace by bringing together Microsoft, and non-Microsoft applications like Salesforce, Workday, Success Factors, ServiceNow, and any can integrate any application that has SDK or API. Gone are the days of logging into and navigating 50 different applications and software platforms.

The platform creates a multifaceted environment as an intranet, collaboration hub, and digital dashboard all in one and targets employees based on role, geography, division, and more, to create a personalized experience. It reaches beyond the borders of typical products and platforms by delivering a branded user experience with a highly flexible user-interface that can fully conform to a business’s branding guidelines. On top of this, it’s capable of native mobile app delivery or mobile-friendly responsiveness. Lastly, for global organizations as a content management tool, the platform is multilingual out of the box for international environments.

Interested in learning how Akumina can centralize your employee’s digital experiences? Schedule a demo, today!

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