Make your company task-centric, not app-centric

So, I’m sitting in my cube on Monday, checking out the latest article that mentioned Akumina, and BOOM. I read something prolific. 

Today’s employees work in an application-centric — not a task-centric — environment. 

Mind. Blown.  

Is this, or is this not, the exact workplace conflict that leads to heads banging on desks worldwide? In his article on TechTargetGeoffrey Bock hits the nail on the head. As employees, we think of our work in terms of the tasks we complete, but more often than not, completing those tasks requires multiple applicationsWouldn’t it be amazing if there was a one-to-one correspondence between task and tool? 

Take the Boston Red Sox as an example. Using Akumina, Fenway employees can answer fan questions by simply entering them in their app, and Akumina pulls the answer from a database of content. They no longer need to use Google, navigate the search results, and so on. It’s simple, easy, and unequivocal focus on the fan experience.  

Unfortunately, we can’t solve all of the wild task-to-tool ratios in the world. But we can help with some. Our Akumina employee experience platform provides a single pane of glass experience so that you can access and use all the tools you need within a single application. Who wouldn’t want that? Schedule a demo today, and be productive without the headache. 

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