Reimagine how you engage your employees in the new year

Beyond developing personal resolutions for your life, it’s a great idea to apply resolutions to your workplace. Developing and executing on New Year’s resolutions can create a renewed outlook on how your organization achieves success. Make a direct impact to engage your employees and enhance your workplace experience. 

5 New Year’s resolutions to evolve your employee experience

  1. Centralize technology and software –If your employees are getting to work and having to sift through multiple logins and software products to surface important information, your organization isn’t effectively enabling your workforce to work smarter, not harder. Determine what tools are used most and develop a roadmap to centralize your employee’s digital workplace. 
  1. Empower internal content producers – Developing content to communicate with your workforce is crucial to your brand and your employees day-to-day to deliver the right information to the right people. Address the challenges and concerns of the employees communicating to the rest of the organization in order to operate at top notch. 
  1. Consolidate communication effortsDetermine the channels of communication that your employees are digesting important information from your company including departments like HR and Marketing. Centralize those channels into one platform of truth to effectively communicate what employees need to know to inform them directly. 
  1. Bridge the gap between work-life and personal-life In today’s modern employee culture, the demand to accomplish work tasks at home and personal tasks at work has been increasing. Creating fluidity for your employees’ active lifestyle is important to keep employees engaged and productive regardless of where they are and when. 
  1. Evolve your intranet –If you don’t have a robust platform to engage your workforce, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to centralize information, communication, and collaboration. Akumina’s modern intranet platform empowers global enterprises to quickly create personalized digital experiences that help every employee in every role work smarter, not harder. By offering a customizable, brandable, and multilingual platform that seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise cloud applications, Akumina delivers a contextual, collaborative and engaging workplace experience to every user on any device.  

2019 will be a transformative year for the digital workplace landscape. Is your organization prepared to keep up? Schedule a demo with Akumina today. 

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