Steve Bynghall: Digital workplace expert featured in upcoming Akumina webinar

Akumina’s upcoming webinar, “Modern Intranets & Employee Experience: Trends, Challenges & Solutions,” features Steve Bynghall, a freelance consultant, researcher, and writer, specializing in the digital workplace, intranets, collaboration, and knowledge management.

Get to Know the Digital Workplace Expert

Steve holds an MSc in Information Science from City University. Steve worked within an accounting firm for over 13 years, working in various knowledge roles including managing the firm’s global extranet program. In late 2010, he set up his consulting company, Two Hives Ltd.

Alongside his consulting activities, Steve produces and coordinates Step Two Design’s Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards. Additionally, Steve is a consultant, knowledge manager, and benchmark evaluator for the Digital Workplace Group. Steve recently set up a new intranet strategy, governance, and measurement training company with Chris Tubb called Spark Trajectory.

Visions for the Future of the Digital Workplace

From Steve’s experience working alongside leading digital workplace organizations, awards programs, and consulting, he’s able to recognize some of the trends in the space from the past few years, as well as where the landscape is heading.

Modern intranets and digital workplaces have evolved, becoming far more complex.  A decade ago, traditional intranets were utilized as a repository for content and information. Over time, intranets evolved with more social and collaboration features, personalization for individual users, a drive toward a mobile experience and much better design.

More recently, modern intranets have become the “front door” to the wider digital workplace, centralizing an abundance of employee technology, software, and applications. This is now evolving with solutions such as chatbots and digital assistants that are starting to anticipate employee needs and allow the digital workplace experience to exist across applications through integrations.

Looking forward, a greater evolution is on the horizon for modern intranets with technology trends rapidly entering the marketplace including IoT, voice activation, and machine learning.

A Great Employee Experience Needs Strong Foundations

If you want a great employee experience and strong digital workplace, you need to work on the foundations before you start to add all the cool new features and functionality. A strong strategy which also lays down robust governance will enable you to be successful and sustainable in the long run. It’s also important not to think of an employee experience initiative as a single-phase project, it should evolve over time with your organization.

You also need to work with a wide group of stakeholders.  The digital workplace and employee experience span across IT, Communications, HR, the C-Suite, your lines of business, and more. Work with cross-functional groups to ensure you have buy-in and have a sustainable initiative which is really going to change the way people work for the better.

Register to Attend the Modern Intranets & Employee Experience Webinar

During this webinar, attendees will learn from Steve about the evolution of the digital workplace. This will help to understand and plan for the items you would like to achieve in your own workplace to deliver to your employees. Creating a great employee experience means taking a far more holistic approach in creating an experience for employees that help them in their working day, and also delivers a strategic contribution to the organization they work for.

You can follow Steve on Twitter and learn more from his expertise in Akumina’s upcoming webinar “Modern Intranets & Employee Experience: Trends, Challenges & Solutions,” register today.

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