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Top 3 benefits of a user-friendly intranet solution

If you could build the most perfect user-friendly intranet possible, what are some of the requirements you’d insist on?

What’s that? Oh, this isn’t something you think about on a daily basis? You need more time to consider? That’s fair. Why don’t we start by talking about some of the benefits of a user-friendly intranet (like the Akumina modern intranet), and then we’ll circle back.

Benefit 1: Personalized experiences

One of my favorite parts about getting a new device is taking an out-of-the-box piece of technology and customizing the heck out of it so that it works just the way I want it to. I add my contact info, set my wallpaper, download my apps, and organize everything neatly into folders. Then I add a screen protector and a case, and I’m in business.

My point is that, even though my phone itself is super fast and provides me with all the tools I need, it’s the personal touches that I add to it that make it most efficient and enjoyable for me.

The same holds true for an intranet. You can implement an out-of-the-box option very quickly and inexpensively, and that could work for you. But, if you choose an employee experience platform like Akumina’s, you have the option to personalize each user’s intranet experience using our persona builder and experience builder.

Essentially, we provide you with the ability to create personas that represent each of your users, and the tools to build the user-friendly intranet experience that each user wants and needs. You can make sure, for example, that employees based in the U.S. see the U.S. phone directory, and that people based in France see the French phone directory. Even better, you can combine attributes so that employees in the U.S. who frequently travel to the French office see both directories. The end result is a clean, efficient, and customizable intranet that helps each employee work in the best way for them.

Benefit 2: Mobile

In this day and age, is it even worth it to do anything that’s not mobile accessible? NO. Enabling your employees to work from anywhere on any device is one of the most requested workplace perks, especially by millennial employees, according to our millennial manager survey.

If I were designing my own user-friendly intranet, I would absolutely want it to support mobile accessibility. Actually, I would take it a step further and request native mobility so that I could use all of my phone’s features from within my intranet app. Imagine being able to log into your employee intranet from the beach and sign a contract that helps your company hit its sales goals. You’re able to spend time with your family and contribute to your team because of technology. So cool.

Benefit 3: Intuitive dashboard

You can put as many bells and whistles into your intranet, but if it’s disorganized or disconnected from the apps your team needs, they won’t use it. To make the most of your investment, your intranet must have a user-friendly dashboard.

With the Akumina modern intranet, you can model your internal dashboard after your customer-facing dashboard, and then, because the system is so easy to use, turn ownership over to each line of business for easy updates. Plus, using our persona builder and experience builder tools, you can ensure that each user sees the content that matters most to that individual. It could not be more intuitive if it tried.

To see an example of a well-designed dashboard built on our platform, take a look at what we created for MetLife.


There you have it. My top 3 benefits of a user-friendly intranet. Personalization, native mobility, and an intuitive dashboard are the key pieces to the intranet puzzle. If you agree, request a demo of the Akumina employee experience platform today.

Now, back to my original question: If you could build the most perfect user-friendly intranet possible, what are some of the requirements you would insist on?

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