Want better employee experiences? Your IT department can help

I’ve been working as a website editor full-time for almost 13 years, but before that I worked with dodgy design technology and antiquated content management systems for print (that sometimes played nice with the website). One of the first rules of working with content management is simple: cozy up to the IT team because they’ll make you better at your job.

And not just by saving your backside a gazillion times.

I’ve always approached my relationship with IT from an inquisitive position of “Am I doing this right? / If not, can you show me how? / Wait, what’s that thing you just did? Can you show me that?” That’s basically how I ended up working on websites for an employee experience tech company that builds digital workplaces instead of being an ink-stained wretch in a dying industry. I like to know how things work.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather be friends with the director of IT than hobnob with the CEO. I’m a Gen Xer, that’s how we roll.

(As an aside our CEO here might be the world’s biggest IT guy, so I’m doubly blessed.)

Now I try to write whimsical things about digital workplaces for IT folks and developers and highly skilled end users. This white paper “6 Ways IT Can Improve Your Employee Experiences” is hopefully a good example.

It’s a high-level view of what IT brings to the business side, how IT can empower folks like me to do more, and how working with IT can improve everyone’s employee experiences.

And to be honest, we all need to raise our game.

So, download this bad boy, make a plan for better employee experiences in 2020, and maybe grab an Akumina demo.

P.S. You can also read more fun stuff on my blog on the new Akumina Community website, a great resource that helps our customers and partners get the most out of our employee experience platform.

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