Whitepaper: 6 pillars of an effective employee experience

Technology is a powerful tool that can turn disengaged, dissatisfied employees to fully immersed, enthusiastic brand ambassadors. David Maffei, president and CRO here at Akumina, is passionate about helping organizations transform their employee engagement efforts to build personalized, engaging, integrated digital experiences that are accessible to every employee in the organization, on the device of their choice.

A few months back, David sat down with Akumina’s Michael Scott to take a hard look at the overall journey toward implementing a digital workplace. During his webinar, David pointed out some of the challenges companies encounter, and the features he sees as critical to a successful implementation. David discussed disengaged users and disconnected technology and how to overcome them. He also presented what we call the six pillars of an effective employee experience; the six pieces that make up the effective employee experience puzzle.

Today, David has released a whitepaper that summarizes and expands on the content he presented in his webinar.

Whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of your journey to implement your digital workplace, we’ve got you covered. Take a listen to David’s webinar, download his whitepaper, and when you’re ready, request a demo of the Akumina employee experience platform.

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