Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy

Proper prior planning prevents poor performance, as they say. If you ask Steve Bynghall, he’ll tell you that’s absolutely true when it comes to implementing a digital workplace transformation at any organization. In The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy, Steve presents 6 separate, yet cohesive, mini guides that outline the path you should take when beginning your digital workplace journey. Here’s a quick overview of the guides and the takeaways you can expect from each.

Part 1: Understanding the Digital Workplace and Employee Experience

The first part of the Definitive Guide series is dedicated to exploring the definitions of “digital workplace” and “employee experience.” It sets the stage for the following pieces and ensures that readers are on the same page.

Part 2: 11 Benefits of an Effective Employee Experience

In the second installment of the Definitive Guide, Steve presents some of the payoff your organization could see after investing in employee experience, including reduced cost due to application streamlining and better global collaboration.

Part 3: Addressing Employee Experience Priorities for Each Stakeholder

This part of the series is probably most beneficial for the person on your team responsible for pitching the proposed digital workplace transformation plan. In it, Steve provides guidance for presenting your strategy to each key stakeholder who can approve its implementation. You don’t want to miss this one.

Part 4: 7 Strategies for Making the Digital Workplace a Priority at Your Organization

A digital workplace can not and should not be a one-time implementation project. It needs to be an ongoing endeavor with a comprehensive maintenance plan. Because it’s a big undertaking, Steve provides tips for making sure you’re putting your best foot forward and getting your project on the roadmap.

Part 5: 7 Steps to a Digital Workplace Strategy

Building a digital workplace requires time and resources. In part 5 of the Definitive Guide series, Steve provides a workflow for creating the right strategy for getting your digital workplace out the door and into your employees’ hands.

Part 6: 20 Business Case Elements for Your Digital Workplace

Now that you’ve got a vision, a strategy, and buy in from stakeholders, it’s time to present your business plan to the big dogs. Use these 20 “what’s-in-it-for-me” talking points when getting that approval to kick off your project.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the content in the Definitive Guide series, download your copy now, and get out there and get your digital workplace project started. When you’re done with that, request a demo of the Akumina employee experience platform to see how our product can enhance your employee’s digital experience.

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