Jeff Benanto: Corporate communications expert featured in upcoming Akumina webinar

Akumina’s upcoming webinar, “Modern Intranets & Employee Experience: Trends, Challenges & Solutions,” features Jeff Benanto who specializes in corporate marketing and communications.

Get to Know the Communications Expert

Jeff is an enterprise corporate marketing and communications expert specializing in public relations, customer advocacy marketing, content, and community at Everbridge. He has experience launching entire communication programs and capabilities to evolve corporate public profiles.

Jeff is a relationship-driven professional who values the importance of cultivating and maintaining friendly, strategic relations with all company stakeholders, customers, industry thought leaders, analysts/influencers, and industry and national media members.

In his current position, he helped elevate the Everbridge brand through successful IPO. In its first year as a public company, Everbridge became one of the 5 best performing SaaS IPO’s since 2013.

Developing a Successful Brand Experience

Jeff is one of the leaders of internal and external communications with a perspective of making sure that internal processes are effectively understood and valued while socializing the customer experience internally and to the outside world.

He values an experience that empowers employees to celebrate one another, as well as share in a commitment to customer success. Additionally, he fosters the facilitation of brand excitement on social media and internal sites by leveraging employees and evangelists to create excitement inside and outside the organization.

A Centralized, Digital Experience for Your Workforce

By attending this webinar, you’ll be given the tools to recognize the value of internal communication platforms. Email has become an outmoded channel of facilitating brand excitement. Tools like Slack are increasing in usage, but internal digital communities are more successful for bringing together employees to share information and recognition in real time. These solutions can help streamline content management process for internal communication champions.

While nothing replaces the value and relevance of in-person events and conversations, a centralized digital community as a platform can help accelerate employee communication and engagement. A platform gives employees a community to not only find relevant information but, particularly for growth-oriented businesses, it becomes a less formal and more inviting forum to embrace the changes and developments that are occurring within the organization on an around the clock basis. Moreover, to draw a parallel to Netflix, these platforms enable content to be consumed on-demand, when it is convenient for employees (rather than the disruption of email or other channels). Or, similarly, to draw a parallel to LinkedIn, an internal platform provides content owners and creators with a place to stand out and socialize their contributions to the organization (not to mention their creativity, passion, and command of language).

The Employee Experience in 2019 and Beyond

A look to the future of the employee experience shows a place where employees can share in the success of their company to drive further brand engagement and evangelism. When a customer shares a great use case or recognizes an employee, every employee should feel empowered to participate in the excitement and reshare this information on the internal platform.

It’s not a requirement, but employees should feel invested in sharing wins and being involved in the conversation. Even passive involvement will help build awareness for individual employees and their teams. And for employees who truly feel dedicated to their organization’s cause, and growth, it is a great forum to showcase this loyalty, passion, and as mentioned, your individual creativity.

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You can follow Jeff on Twitter, LinkedIn, read about his take on customer advocacy, and learn more from his expertise in Akumina’s upcoming webinar “Modern Intranets & Employee Experience: Trends, Challenges & Solutions,” register today.

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