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WEBINAR | 7 Must Have Modern Intranet Features for 2022

You want to make an impact and set your team up for success in 2022. Modern intranets and employee experience technology are the key to business success. As we make our way into the new way of work, you’llneed to be prepared. Watch this on-demand webinar where we review seven must-havefeatures to improve your digital […]

WEBINAR | Back to the Office: 5 Tips to Unify Your Hybrid Workforce

Is your organization ready to empower your team and enable employees to get what they need, when they need it – in the most efficient way possible? To supply critical messages from the business, facilitate open communication, build a cohesive company culture, and boost connectivity and collaboration?   At the beginning of the pandemic, businesses shifted […]

WEBINAR | Your Roadmap for Wellness in the Digital Workplace

This webinar will inspire you with ideas for your wellness program, examples of how top companies are using technology for their wellness programs, tools for monitoring and preventing employee burnout in any location.

WEBINAR | How Microsoft Viva and Akumina are Charting the Course for Employee Experience Technology (EX Tech)

Experts from Vodafone, Microsoft, and Avanade discuss the emergence and evolution of Employee Experience Technology.

WEBINAR | Revolutionize Your Intranet with Strategic UX Design

Jennifer Jones, Managing Director of User Experience and Design at Veracity Consulting, shares guiding principles for UX and digital workspace design.

WEBINAR | Our Texas Way: How Church’s Chicken Redesigned Their Intranet to Drive Employee Engagement

Organizations around the globe have dedicated time and energy to better enable their customers with digital tools. We’ve seen a massive shift to online banking, grocery and takeout delivery apps, and more. Some businesses stopped there; the truly visionary ones made a strategic choice to shift focus internally and make comparable advancements for their employees. After rolling out initiatives like […]

WEBINAR | Building Culture, Community, and Collaboration with a Digital Workplace at MassMutual

It’s no secret that engaged employees directly contribute to the revenue, sustainability, and overall health of a business. According to a report by Gallup1, compared with the average, a highly engaged organization can see 18% higher revenue per employee.

WEBINAR | It’s Finally Here: A Digital Workplace Hub Inside Microsoft Teams

See how a digital workplace hub unlocks two-way business communication through powerful integrations for business success.

DATASHEET | Intelligent Activity Stream

DATASHEET | Akumina + Microsoft Teams

DATASHEET | Step Planning Engine

WEBINAR | The Future of Employee Engagement and Experience: A Digital Workplace Webinar

Akumina and Lori Rucker of Hines discuss employee engagement and the technology that powers it, including Akumina’s employee experience platform.

WHITEPAPER | Why Some Digital Workplace Projects Don’t Succeed Before They Start

Take a deep dive into the factors that make digital workplace projects less successful and steps you can take to avoid those failures.

WEBINAR | 2020 Employee Experience: Building a Strategy, Amplifying Culture, & Embracing Technology

Akumina and Centric Consulting discuss best practices for keeping your workforce productive and connected while working from anywhere.

WHITEPAPER | 5 Best Practices for Onboarding and Training Remote Workers

Maintaining a productive and connected workforce in 2020 has been a challenge. One of the primary reasons for the struggle stems from the fact that everyone’s workforce is so much more distributed than ever before. Many of us are, for the first time, attempting to overcome the complexities of onboarding new hires that are fully remote. But never fear, we’ve got some suggestions that can help.

WHITEPAPER | The Guiding Principles of Successful Employee Experience

This paper is intended to help business and tech leaders break out of their EX-induced paralysis and begin executing small, impactful projects that build towards a larger corporate vision.

WHITEPAPER | WCAG Compliance: Making Your Digital Workplace as Accessible as Your Physical Workplace

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 4 adults is diagnosed with some sort of disability. So, it’s no surprise that there is legislature and standards for accessibility in the workplace. Download this whitepaper today, and make your digital workplace as accessible as your physical one.

WHITEPAPER | The Innovation Gap: Bridging Personal and Workplace Innovation for a 2020 Workforce

Our personal lives are incredibly modern – with our smart homes and smart TVs, starting our cars as our plan lands on the runway, talking to the delivery person at our front door from an island thousands of miles away. Our professional lives, not so much.  There’s a huge gap between the digital tools we […]

WEBINAR | How the Right Digital Employee Experience Drives Engagement and Company Culture

The culture of an organization is a driving force behind employee effectiveness, retention (or turnover), and building a good one takes dedication and a lot of clear, open, timely communication. Learn how Akumina can help.

WEBINAR | Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast: Digital Workplace Best Practices

Akumina and Blue Modus share why digital transformation needs to be a priority and how to get employees the right experience for their roles.

WHITEPAPER | One-Size-Fits-All Employee Experience Strategies Don’t Work

Implementing a cookie-cutter intranet or an “intranet in a box” that is aimed at a massive audience will not solve companies’ EX challenges. The key is to spend wisely and to take the right approach to improving EX.

WHITEPAPER | Healthcare Worker Mobility and the Digital Workplace

How does a digital workplace play an important role in healthcare worker mobility? Frontline workers in the healthcare industry are busier than most, visiting patients, reviewing charts, and generally managing the chaos of a healthcare facility. So how do they hear about corporate news, benefits and other HR-related changes, or even events and celebrations? A […]

WEBINAR | Mitigating Remote Worker Challenges | A Digital Workplace Expert Panel

Akumina hosts a panel webinar with digital workplace and employee experience experts from Microsoft and Rich Products Corporation to discuss key strategies and best practices that organizations need to consider, along with pitfalls to avoid and important lessons learned so far.

WEBINAR | 4 Best Practices for Personalizing Your Modern Intranet

Learn how to build a strategy that allows you to build thousands of personalized intranets for each of your employees, using one modern intranet platform.

WEBINAR | Building a Modern Employee Experience: The Digital Workplace Blueprint

Creating a modern digital workplace is crucial for global enterprises. Join featured guest speakers, Forrester’s David Johnson and ING’s Sander de Bruijn and Joris Kok along with Akumina’s David Maffei as they discuss what employee experience (EX) means in 2020 and the key traits of an effective EX initiative.

WEBINAR | Working From Home and the Digital Workplace: Technology Best Practice

Encouraging employers to allow working from home flexibility or remote work altogether requires a strong digital workplace. Learn how to prepare your organization .

WHITEPAPER | M365 + Akumina’s EXP= A True Digital Workplace

Microsoft365. It’s new, it’s user-friendly, it’s highly performant. It’s the Microsoft application suite of the future.

WEBINAR | Modern SharePoint + Akumina’s EXP = A True Digital Workplace Experience

Join Microsoft MVP, Sean McDonough, and David Maffei, President of Akumina, as they discuss the partnership between Modern SharePoint and Akumina’s EXP that revolutionizes the way people work.

RESOURCE | Intranet Refresh Kit

This new year, treat yourself and your employees to a new, refreshed, integrated, organized modern intranet. We’ve compiled a set of resources to help you bring your intranet into the new decade. Download our Intranet Refresh Kit today and get access to everything you need to complete your project.

WHITEPAPER | 2020 Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide

Building an intranet is easy. Building an intranet that provides the personalized experiences your employees deserve, plus the scalablity that your organization needs requires a little more thought. In our updated 2020 Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide, we outline the types of intranets you can create, and the pros and cons of each. Download a copy […]

WEBINAR | Intranet Refresh 2020: 5 Core Elements for Creating the Right Experience

Do you love your intranet solution? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that your intranet is terrible. It’s more that your intranet hasn’t realized its full potential. Whether yours is a content graveyard or just a page of external links, it could mean so much more to your employees and their experience at work. […]

WHITEPAPER | Enhancing Marketing Communications with a Digital Workplace

Ready to discuss your digital workplace? Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled to find collateral, credentials, or content. *All hands go up. Industry thought leader Steve Bynghall gets it. In his latest eBook, Steve discusses the ways a digital workplace can help us stay organized and focused on the important things during our workday, […]

WEBINAR | Enhancing Marketing Communications with a Digital Workplace

When you’ve got a lot on your plate, a digital workplace can help create order out of chaos. Steve Bynghall covers the top 5 challenges a digital workplace can solve for busy employees like marketers.

WHITEPAPER | Delivering a Digital Workplace to Remote and Deskless Workers (part 3)

Do your deskless and remote workers have access to all the right information? Will they be able to collaborate with their teams? Learn how to deliver a digital workplace that is accessible and easy to use for your remote and deskless employees.

WEBINAR | Successful Women and the Employee Experiences that Shaped their Careers

Akumina will shine a spotlight on successful businesswomen during a panel webinar. These rock star ladies will talk about the challenges that come with being a leader in a male-dominated workforce, the struggle to find a work/life balance, and which workplace benefits help them thrive.

WEBINAR | Driving Digital Transformation for Improved Employee Experience: A Case Study with Principal

From deskless and remote workers to a mobile app for employees on the go, how did Principal Financial build a digital workplace to execute its employee experience strategy? And what does it look like?

WEBINAR | Enabling Your Mobile Workforce via a Digital Workplace

Banner Health will discuss how their digital workplace unites all of their employees in a single system so that everyone (deskless workers or otherwise) can access the information they need to do their jobs anytime, and from anywhere.

WEBINAR | Deliver Enterprise Value from your Digital Workplace

Ensuring your employees are effective in their roles is critical to the long-term success of any enterprise organization. For employers, they must strive to remove silos, eliminate barriers to work, deliver open and inclusive working environments, etc.

WEBINAR | Drive Improved Student and Faculty Experience Through a Digital Transformation

Colleges and universities rely on and benefit from open communication and collaboration amongst students, faculty, and other staff (e.g. vendors). Unfortunately, there are significant gaps in their ability to access updates, news, resources or engage with fellow faculty/students.

WHITEPAPER | Delivering a Digital Workplace to Remote and Deskless Workers (part 2)

Read about challenges and best practices for providing a great digital workplace for remote and deskless workers.

WHITEPAPER | The Future of Healthcare Worker Mobility

Spend more time on patients and less time on technology with the right digital workplace for the healthcare industry.

WEBINAR | Building Better Communications for Deskless Workers

In the manufacturing and retail industries, communicating with your entire workforce is especially challenging. Plant and store workers often do not have corporate devices or even digital identities, making effective communication difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. Does your organization have the capability to communicate with all of your employees? In this webinar we discussed the […]

WHITEPAPER | CX for EX: 3 Steps to a Better Employee Experience Strategy

With the average cost of turnover exceeding $4k per hire, and younger generations’ affinity for job-hopping, organizations are looking more and more toward improving their employee experience as a retention plan. Building an employee experience strategy seems daunting… but it’s not. Download our white paper, CX for EX: 3 Steps to a Better Employee Experience […]

WHITEPAPER | 3 Ways to Maximize Frontline Worker Satisfaction and Efficiency in the Retail Industry

A great experience with a retail associate can boost a company’s brand reputation, while a poor experience can do irreparable damage. If your organization owns and operates retail stores, download our white paper 3 Ways to Maximize Frontline Worker Satisfaction and Efficiency in the Retail Industry and learn more about these tips for making sure […]

WEBINAR | Akumina Solutions for Remote and Deskless Workers

A study by Forbes found that, “65% of full-time employees think a remote work schedule would increase productivity.” In the same report, two-thirds of managers echoed that overall productivity was higher for their remote employees. With that said, is your organization set up to be able to support remote work? Join us on August 27th […]

WHITEPAPER | Optimizing employee experiences for frontline and remote workers

Supporting frontline and remote workers is a challenge that most organizations face day-to-day. As the percentage of knowledge workers choosing to work remotely increases, those in management positions are looking for ways to make sure their offsite teams are as supported as their onsite counterparts. In industries like retail and healthcare, where knowledge workers are […]

WHITEPAPER | 6 Ways IT Can Improve Your Employee Experiences

IT does more than hook up employees with the software or hardware they need to do their jobs, fix bugs or manage their enterprise’s systems, and secure every department’s digital experiences. IT folks are also the biggest allies and advocates for employee experiences. Whether the employee is a VP of sales, a deskless worker on […]

WEBINAR | Remote and Deskless Employees: Managing Challenges through a Digital Workplace

Remote and deskless workers are digitally disadvantaged compared to their colleagues who sit at a desk in their organization’s offices. Often, they are disconnected from not only other employees, but key resources that they need to effectively do their jobs and communications that help keep them up to date with what’s going on in their […]

WHITEPAPER | The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy

The ‘digital workplace’ and ‘employee experience’ are exciting concepts which take a strategic and holistic view of how employees are experiencing the technology and applications they use at work. More and more organizations realize that delivering a robust digital workplace for employees can provide enormous benefits for the organization.

WHITEPAPER | 6 Pillars for an Effective Employee Experience

As you navigate the journey toward building a digital workplace, you should be aware of the organizational issues that could impede your success, and the characteristics of workplace experiences that are sure to improve your employees’ engagement and productivity. In this whitepaper, Akumina president and CRO David Maffei outlines the four challenges to watch out […]

WEBINAR | Managing Employee Milestones and Moments that Matter Through a Digital Transformation

When implementing new technology in the workforce, it is important to ensure you have an effective HR business strategy in place. During the transition, employees will need to be trained on the capabilities of the technology to allow them to improve their workflow, rather than disrupt it.

WEBINAR | Intranets Suck – Let’s Fix That Together

One-size-fits-all is rarely the case and nowhere more so than when it comes to creating a digital workplace experience. Intranet-in-a-box solutions can fall flat when it comes to third-party integrations and customized branding, but enhancements and upgrades create headaches and ruin the experience that a modern intranet should provide.

SURVEY | 2019 Millennial Manager Survey: A Direct Look at the Largest Generation in the U.S. Labor Force and its Fundamental Impact on the Modern Workplace

Millennial employee turnover is costing the U.S. economy a whopping $30.5 billion annually. As this generation will represent 50% of the workforce by 2021 – and 75% by 2030 – Akumina surveyed over 1000 mid to executive level millennial managers to gain insights into the realities of millennial managers’ career journeys, workplace needs, and technology […]

WHITEPAPER | The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy: 20 Business Case Elements for Your Digital Workplace

So, you’ve created a strategy, all stakeholders are on board and you’re ready to build a business case for your digital workplace transformation. To ensure that you’re heard, and that your project is picked up, read Steve Bynghall’s latest whitepaper, 20 Business Case Elements for Your Digital Workplace. In it, Steve recommends quantifiable business benefits […]

WHITEPAPER | Managing Data Privacy and Governance In the Digital Workplace: 3 Key Challenges for CIOs

CIOs have a lot on their plate. Satisfying organizational demands and user needs across your digital workplace without compromising on performance and successfully navigating compliance and privacy challenges can be a difficult balancing act. Doing all that with one eye on the future to continue advancing your digital workplace is even harder.

WHITEPAPER | 5 key elements to drive employee satisfaction: Recognizing the moments that matter

Organizations large and small have read the research, and are beginning to realize how an engaged, appreciated, and cohesive workforce directly contributes to organizational success. As the owners of benefits and compensation, HR professionals are focused on tracking and celebrating the moments that truly matter to their employees.

The Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy: Part 5

Having a well-thought-out strategy gives your digital workplace program direction, longevity, and credibility. It also acts as a focal point for all your stakeholders to agree on the best way forward, so everybody ends up working on the same page.

WEBINAR | Enhance Sharepoint and Increase O365 Consumption

One-size-fits-all is rarely the case and nowhere more so than when it comes to creating a digital workplace experience. Intranet-in-a-box solutions can fall flat when it comes to third-party integrations and customized branding, but enhancements and upgrades create headaches and ruin the experience that a modern intranet should provide.

WHITEPAPER | 7 Strategies for Making the Digital Workplace a Priority at Your Organization

The first step to formalizing any digital workplace program and moving towards making a business case is to begin getting key stakeholders to talk about the digital workplace. Starting discussions and getting the topic on your corporate agenda is an important first step in laying the foundations for action.

WEBINAR | The 6 Pillars of An Effective Employee Experience

One-size-fits-all is rarely the case and nowhere more so than when it comes to creating a digital workplace experience. Intranet-in-a-box solutions can fall flat when it comes to third-party integrations and customized branding, but enhancements and upgrades create headaches and ruin the experience that a modern intranet should provide.

WHITEPAPER | Addressing Employee Experience Priorities for Each Stakeholder

The digital workplace can positively impact all parts of your organization. Every function and line of business will be keen to make sure it helps them achieve their goals. That means every stakeholder will have a unique viewpoint! Download part 3 of the Definitive Guide for Developing an Employee Experience Strategy, authored by industry expert […]

WEBINAR | Exclusive Sneak-Peek of Akumina’s 4.5 Release

Watch the Sneak Peek at Akumina’s 4.5 Release now! This webinar gives customers and partners around the globe a sneak peek at the upcoming release of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform. Version 4.5 of the software, set for release this spring, is Akumina’s most ground-breaking and innovative release ever. In this webinar, Jason Arden, Akumina’s […]

RESOURCE | The Akumina Employee Experience Platform

Download this overview of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform now!

WEBINAR | 4 Key Principles for the Best Employee Experience

A winning employee experience, featuring a modern intranet to bring together the business and the individuals that make up the business, is critical in value to improve internal communication and collaboration. During this session, you’ll learn important factors to consider when developing your modern workplace strategy to improve your employee experience.  

WEBINAR | Essentials for a Winning Digital Workplace Strategy

It’s important for organizations to understand that a digital workplace is more than just a fancy intranet. The scope of a digital workplace can feel hard to pin down, and sometimes it feels like it could take over your entire IT strategy. Sam Marshall from ClearBox Consulting has worked extensively with organizations ranging from modest charities […]

WHITEPAPER | 11 Benefits of an Effective Employee Experience

When you have a compelling digital workplace and an engaging employee experience, everybody wins. Employees get tasks done more quickly and seamlessly. Teams collaborate and communicate more effectively. Ultimately, organizations can retain employees, drive efficiencies, and then achieve digital transformation.

WHITEPAPER | Understanding the Digital Workplace and Employee Experience

Digital workplace and employee experience are important concepts that have grown in popularity because of employee expectations. Download our latest whitepaper to gain a full understanding of the Digital Workplace and Employee Experience.

WEBINAR | Modern Intranets & Employee Experience

Modern intranets are replacing the traditional intranet products that have pained us in the past and the employee experience is adapting to changing expectations in today’s workplace. During this session, Modern Intranets and Employee Experience: Trends, Challenges, and Solutions, our industry-leading speakers will dive into their experiences, strategies leveraged, lessons learned, best practices, and what […]

WEBINAR | Building an Effective Modern Digital Workplace

This Digital Workplace webinar features speakers Tim Walsh and Tahsha Harmon of Otterbein University. Having a company portal and intranet can help improve the overall effectiveness of an organization. Unfortunately, if the system is old, outdated and clunky (i.e. not user-friendly), this can have the opposite effect. The result can lead to a lack of […]

WEBINAR | Igniting Collaboration and Empowering Communication with a Modern Digital Workplace

This webinar highlights expert insight from fast food chain champion, Church’s Chicken. The team discusses the implementation of a Modern Digital Workplace for improved communication and collaboration.  

Resource | Service Hub to Evolve Your Digital Workplace

Workplace experience is becoming a popular term to describe how employees are performing and collaborating with one another and your business.  

eBook | Developing a Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy

A digital workplace transformation is not an overnight change or even a single-phased implementation. Transformation takes place over time to truly revolutionize your organization to meet the increasing demand of changing expectations at the modern workplace.  

eBook | Understanding the Pathways of a Modern Workplace Solution

When going through the process of building the right workplace experience, it is important to understand the difference between a product and a platform in the evolving “digital workplace” landscape. Download Akumina’s eBook to learn the difference and pros and cons of an out-of-the-box product and a robust software platform.

Engaging your Employees with Digital Workspaces

Estimates show that 70% of workers are not engaged in their workplace environment—during this webinar, Akumina and Plus+ will talk about how modern intranets can keep your employees in the 30%.

WEBINAR | Release 4.1: Deliver a Game-Changing Digital Workplace with Enhanced Content Management and Widgets

When you improve employee engagement, you increase productivity. And with overall employee engagement hovering around 33% (according to Gallup), most organizations have nowhere to go but up.

WHITEPAPER | Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace

Implemented effectively, a “Digital Workplace” is more than just an employee portal—it can help develop ideal employees that can propel an organization to its full potential.

WEBINAR | Boston Red Sox: A Customer Journey

Join Brian Shield, VP Information Technology of the Boston Red Sox, and Owen Allen of Akumina, as they discuss the steps that the Red Sox undertook to establish the foundation of a Digital Workplace that knocked it out of the park.

WEBINAR | Engagement and Productivity Through Mobility and Collaboration

The effective intranet of today needs to blend notification, communication, and interactivity to generate the engagement and productivity expected and required by your business.

WEBINAR | Typescript: Structured Development for Modern Portals

Check out Akumina’s Scott Kearney and Owen Allen for a detailed discussion highlighting the advantages of using TypeScript if you are a JavaScript or .NET developer.

WEBINAR | How Akumina is increasing the success of Employee Engagement Efforts

When you improve employee engagement, you increase productivity. And with overall employee engagement hovering around 33% (according to Gallup), most organizations have nowhere to go but up.

WEBINAR | Why User Experience Matters for Employees

Akumina teams up with SoHo Dragon in this webinar to explore the significant and positive effect an optimized employee user experience can have on your business.

WEBINAR | Understanding Collaboration with Office 365

Take a deep dive with Akumina into the big changes Microsoft has made to their Office 365 collaboration capabilities and how you can leverage those changes in your organization.

WEBINAR | Project-based Collaboration for Office 365 Made Easy

How can you bring together all discussions, tasks, milestones and documents into a single user experience? Watch this webinar to learn more about Akumina Workspaces and how it optimizes the employee experience.

WEBINAR | Reinvent Employee Engagement and Productivity with a Digital Workplace

Organizations that remain successful at keeping their employees engaged have embraced the concept of the Digital Workplace. Learn how to deliver digital experiences for employees and generate a more productive, social, mobile and data-rich way of working.