Content Management System

Liberate Your Content

AppManager is an agnostic content management system that lets you create content for your modern intranet on any device and deliver it to different audiences across your entire employee experience platform (EXP).

‘There’s an App for That’

  • Akumina’s content management system combines the power of an enterprise CMS with the simplicity of an app-based interface on your mobile device.
  • Avoid the hassle of duplicating and recreating content on a template or series of pages and links.
  • Grow and expand your site without the complexity that requires developer assistance.

Create a Better Digital Experience

  • AppManager separates content on the back end and from your front-end presentation to deliver engaging, customized experiences.
  • Create content once and present it in an infinite number of ways.
  • Personalize content by delivering it contextually based on employees’ roles, responsibilities, or geography.



Multilingual Publishing From Any Device

  • Akumina supports more than 210 languages for a truly multilingual and multimarket approach to your modern intranet.
  • A seamless, mobile-first framework allows content publishers to create content, manage pages, and send notifications from anywhere.

Akumina Doesn’t Store Your Data

  • The Akumina EXP abstracts the interface on top of where the data is stored, allowing organizations to configure the governance, retention, and workflows around the content as they normally would.
  • Enterprises don’t have to get IT involved to ensure the way Akumina stores data is secure because Akumina’s employee experience platform doesn’t store the content.