Modern Intranet

A Modern Intranet for Your Modern Workforce

Today’s employees embrace the nomadic work style that gives them the work/life balance they need. With a modern intranet built on Akumina, keeping a distributed workforce informed could not be easier and more effective. The result, your employees don’t have to compromise on work style, and you don’t have to compromise on communication or collaboration.

Create Relevant Experiences

Don’t make your employees bend over backward to find the information they need. Streamline their workdays by providing targeted, contextual content that helps them to do their jobs effectively, grow in their roles, and contribute to their organization. Finally, make it all searchable in a single location so being productive is easy as can be.

Open the Lines of Communication

Internal communication is a two-way street, and an Akumina modern intranet provides the multi-directional, multilingual, and real-time communication that enterprises need. Bridge the gap between employers and employees and deliver contextual messaging by rolegeography, tenure, and more.

Enable Collaboration

Create meaningful, convenient ways to talk about every aspect of your business on any device, and at any time. Built on Microsoft 365, your Akumina modern intranet includes integrations with M365 tools like Teams, Project, and Yammer. Using API technology, your intranet can also integrate with other third-party applications such as ServiceNow, Workday,Slack, Trello, and more. Give your employees insight into every aspect of their work in a centralized, single pane of glass view.

Empower Your Users

Content authors can create and deliver content without technical or design expertise. The seamless, mobile-first framework allows content publishers to create content, manage pages, and send notifications in any language and from any device. Akumina makes it easier to keep your modern intranet and digital workplace current.





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