4 key principles of the best employee experience: webinar replay

Why is my employee experience not where it needs to be?

A winning employee experience, featuring a modern intranet to bring together the business and the individuals that make up the business, is critical in value to improve internal communication and collaboration. Unfortunately, many organizations still suffer from the outdated traditional intranets of the past that have un-engaging user experiences and poor collaboration features that have led to disengaged employees. One primary factor is often due to an overabundance of disconnected or disjointed technologies and business processes.

In a recent webinar, 4 Key Principles of the Best Employee Experience, Troy Tudel, VP at Akumina discussed important factors to consider when developing your modern workplace strategy to improve your employee experience. It was outlined that you need to:

  • Create a connected workplace
  • Streamline operations
  • Re-imagine company culture
  • Set yourself apart

To watch the webinar and learn more, click here for the on-demand recording.

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