Business intranet solutions create good PR for HR

The shortest distance between HR and good PR is … a business intranet solution

HR Daily Advisor recently wrote an article that we found disturbing. The article cited a new research report from tech vendor Hibob that found that almost half of today’s workforce (48%) is “indifferent about the role of HR in their company.”

In fact, the report shows that 18% of people believe that HR takes away from their overall experience at work. Our view is that these findings demonstrate a general misunderstanding of HR’s role within an organization than genuine animosity from their colleagues. HR staff can leverage their business intranet solution to improve the department’s interactions with employees and create exceptional employee experiences.

We’ve discussed HR moments that matter in the past and it’s a good time to revisit these best practices. Onboarding and employee recognition are two areas HR can leverage their intranet to better market the importance of their position within the company.

Businesses only get 1 chance to make a first employee experience

We’ve all experienced the stress of the first day at a new job. The sweaty handshakes and awkward conversations with new colleagues. Stacks of paperwork that need to be filled out. Getting lost on the way to the bathroom. It’s downright painful. But does it need to be?

One way businesses can help alleviate the stress of new employees’ first day is to provide them with a log-in to the business intranet solution prior to their arrival. It makes sense because people can get a look into the inner workings of the organization before they set foot in the office. However, it’s important for businesses that use this method to personalize the employee portal to specific roles so they don’t overwhelm incoming workers. It’s also important that the business intranet solution be connected to important tools such as payroll, benefits, and internal communications to make it easy to find key enrollment information.

An example of a company that goes above and beyond in their onboarding is riskmethods. The company proactively communicates with new employees the moment an offer letter is signed. The company sends a series of communications – including branded collateral, photos of their teammates, and personalized welcome messages – designed to make the new hire feel like part of the team. This is followed up with a survey that asks basic questions like their favorite snack, whether they’d like to go to lunch with their teammates on their first day, and other information to help them settle in. New riskmethods employees come in on their first day with a full understanding of who they are working with, their role on the team, and how their first day will run. No anxiety necessary.

A little recognition goes a long way

Employee recognition is something that is easily given yet rarely executed well in the corporate world. It’s easy to get swept up in the day-to-day operations of the work week. NBC Sports Boston implemented an exceptional recognition program that helps them recognize the hard, sometimes thankless, work of their employees.

The organization does this by having two corporate-level programs for rewarding employees, THX points and Going the Extra Mile (GEM) program. THX points are typically used to recognize everyday kind acts like holding the door open for someone. Each quarter, every NBC Sports Boston gets 3,000 THX points to give to their colleagues that can be redeemed for gift cards.

The GEM program is designed for larger recognition that connects back to the company’s corporate values. Managers can award someone $100-$500 in gift cards or $500-plus in case depending upon the person’s actions.

NBC Sports Boston has found these types of programs incentivize camaraderie and provide HR with content to recognize their employees. The company is clearly communicating that going above and beyond is not only appreciated, but monetarily rewarded. Employees are often inspired by their co-workers’ efforts which pushes the whole organization to a new level.

Any interaction an employee has with the company – from the digital workplace technology that is implemented to the snacks in the kitchen – is within HR’s purview. With a little thought and creativity, businesses can leverage their business intranet solution to execute simple employee experience improvements throughout the organization.

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