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Highlights of the 2019 Employee Experience Exchange

Akumina’s Employee Experience Exchange featured in the Boston Business Journal

In case you missed it, last week, Akumina hosted the second installment of the Employee Experience Exchange in Burlington, Mass. The event brought together HR, IT, and Marcom professionals across multiple industries including finserv, construction, healthcare, and government. Topics of the day included industry trends, technology best practices, and peer learning.

We kicked the day off with keynote speaker Brian Shield, CIO of the Boston Red Sox, who walked the audience through an in depth look at the Red Sox’s journey to building and maintaining an effective digital workplace.

Shield provided a glimpse into the Red Sox employee portal – Home Plate – which provides Fenway’s off-the-field talent with the tools they need to keep the park running smoothly.

Lucia Maffei of the Boston Business Journal (BBJ) covered the event, and her article highlights some key Akumina features that the Sox rely on to keep their employees engaged and efficient.

Check out the event link and the BBJ article.

Cait Merry
Cait Merry
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