Office 365 team collaboration tools

How Microsoft Teams & SharePoint empower workplace collaboration

It might not always feel like it, but it’s getting easier to collaborate, communicate, and become more productive at work.

There are tools out there that actually work. I know, crazy, right? Microsoft Teams and SharePoint (and the greater Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem) provide tools that are huge pieces of the employee experience puzzle.

I use Microsoft Teams and SharePoint every day. Teams is my messenger, my meeting platform, and the place where I can find all of the content my team is collaborating on and storing in SharePoint.

My only regret is that I didn’t use Teams sooner.

At my previous job we used:

  • Google for internal docs, presentations, spreadsheets, email, and calendar
  • Dropbox for sharing large files
  • Zoom for meetings
  • Slack for messaging
  • An intranet (really just an internal news site)

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 could’ve taken care of all of that.

And Teams is only getting better in some really cool ways:

  • Mobile – Teams now has quiet hours options for message notifications, allows you to present content and share your screen from your mobile device, lets you send audio messages in chat, allows you to take and optimize whiteboard images, and lets you transfer calls from your laptop to your phone.  Read more here.
  • Meetings – You can keep all the materials, conversations, content, to-do lists, and the recording of the meeting in one place – making it easier to prep and follow up. You can edit documents without leaving Teams. You can create virtual digital whiteboard sessions. And you can also work with outside collaborators who don’t even use Office 365. Read more here.
  • Other new innovations – Among other things, you can now turn on and off notifications for a channel. You can use hands-free headsets, cloud voicemail, reverse-number look-up, and connect to calls in your Chrome browser. There’s also a Meet Now function that lets you skip the invitation process and meet immediately. Read more here.

“Teams is the hub for teamwork. It’s really four things in one. It has chat. It has meetings. It brings together collaboration, using all the richness of Office 365 tools, within that same scaffolding. It’s the business process workflow. That’s what Teams is about. It defies even the category definitions that are there out in the marketplace.”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

How does Teams fit into an employee experience platform like Akumina?

Akumina’s software delivers customizable, brandable, and easy-to-manage digital workplace experiences that empower every member of your workforce with a personalized and relevant experience available on any device, in any language, at any time, and right inside of Microsoft Teams.

Through Akumina’s close strategic partnership with Microsoft, Akumina’s single-page application framework (SPA) and virtual canvas runtime, corporate communications and HR can easily build and deploy fully branded, highly personalized, and targeted content-centric experiences inside Microsoft Teams.

Additionally, you have the ability to take advantage of Akumina’s industry-leading integration capabilities, bringing action-based experiences from leading third-party cloud systems such as SAP, Workday, and ADP into the Akumina-driven experience inside of Teams.

Together, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Akumina platform deliver a centralized, modern intranet experience that:

  1. Delivers your customized brand and voice
  2. Fosters collaboration
  3. Enables knowledge management
  4. Increases productivity

To learn more about deploying Microsoft Teams and integrating a full-service digital workplace and modern intranet, request a demo here.

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