HR moments that matter: All the little ones

An interview with Lindsey DeLuca of NBC Sports Boston

Good deeds come in all different sizes. Most of the time, we reward the big ones. At work, you might receive a bonus for meeting your sales goals, or an award for outstanding performance. At NBC Sports Boston, Lindsey DeLuca and her team also see the benefit in acknowledging the smaller moments that make a big difference. 

Q: At NBC Sports Boston, you have a unique perspective on recognizing what you call “every day” milestones. Can you tell me about that?  

A: At NBC, we like to provide opportunities to recognize the things that typically go unnoticed. For example, if someone holds the door open for me while I’m carrying a big box or gives extra time and effort to a project. It’s part of the culture we created to make people feel awarded, recognized, and empowered. 

Q: What are some activities you’ve recently recognized your colleagues for? 

A: I can think of a few. We had a “Bring your family to work day,” and there were some folks who I wanted to award for their help with that event. One of my colleagues, who is part of the Young Professionals network, organized an event with Charlestown High School so that 10-15 students could visit the studio, take a tour, and participate in a panel discussion with our GM, Head of Content, and Head of Finance. She took the initiative and put it all together on her own time, and it was a great day. 

Q: What type of recognition would you hand out for something like that? 

A: We have two corporate-level programs for rewarding our co-workers. The first is called THX points, and the other is the Going the Extra Mile (GEM) program. 

The THX points are typically used to recognize the small, everyday things. Each quarter, everyone gets 3,000 THX points to give away to their colleagues for anything they chooseAfter you’ve accrued some THX points, you can exchange them for gift cards. 

The GEM program is for larger-scale recognition, and it connects back to our corporate values. When you award someone a GEM, you can give anywhere from $100-$500 in gift cards, or $500+ in cash. Once, for a retirement party, a colleague on the creative team created a caricature of the retireeIt’s a nice way to affect someone’s pay for a job well done. 

Q: How do you share people’s accomplishments and rewards with the rest of the company? 

A: For the THX points, we use a tool called Kazoo, which has a Facebook-like news feed. We can see when people earn THX points, and if I want to piggyback on someone else’s award, I can “high five” it, and add additional points onto the original amount. 

For the GEMs, we use a tool called Workhuman (formerly Globoforce), and when we enter the GEM into the system, we can select which core value the person’s action represents. 

They’re both great programs, and people really use them! 

Special thanks to Lindsey for a peek into NBC Sports Boston’s rewards and recognition programs. 

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