HR moments that matter: Day 1 isn’t actually Day 1

An interview with Brian Calhoun of riskmethods

There’s no debating whether employee satisfaction impacts organizational success. There just isn’t. Happy employees work harder, produce better output, and are willing to go to bat for their employers. We hear more and more about ways that companies are investing in their workforce and building a mutually beneficial relationship between employee and employer.  

Here at Akumina, where employee experience is the name of the game, we love to hear about how other organizations go the extra mile to beef up that relationship. So, we interviewed Brian Calhoun, HR Manager at riskmethods, to ask him how his team enhances employee satisfaction by recognizing and celebrating the moments that matter to them, and we got a surprising response. 

Brian’s team invests in their employees before they even start working for the company 

Q: Your team at riskmethods has an interesting approach to onboarding. Can you tell me about it?  

A: Sure. Our goal is to engage with our employees before they’re fully on board, and get them the right information leading up to that first day. So, our onboarding process begins when an applicant signs their offer letter. From that day until the official start day, we begin a series of communications designed to make the new hire feel like part of the team. 

Q: What type of communications do you typically send? 

A: We start with branded collateral about the team, including photos and personalized welcome messages with fun facts about each person. Then we do a quick survey with questions about first day preferences. We’ll ask what the new hire’s favorite snack is, and make sure it’s stocked in the kitchen, we verify whether they want a firstday lunch, or would prefer a quieter option. So when someone starts work at riskmethods, they’re excited, they don’t feel like a stranger, and they already know their teammates. 

Q: How have you seen this methodology playing a part in improving employee engagement and satisfaction? 

A: We’ve had a really positive response in our Boston office. We get messages from new hires telling us how much it meant to them, and since we started the program, we’ve gotten better scores on our onboarding surveys. Last quarter, the talent team reported that satisfaction was well above our target. 

Q: How have you seen technology improving employee satisfaction? 

A: We use a couple different applications that help us interview and onboard new folks more successfully. We use a video interviewing app called Talent Cube, which we use to send timed questions to candidates. We like it because it allows the candidate to show that they’re ready to come out of their comfort zone and make a commitment to the company. After we hire someone new, we use Skillsoft to create personalized learning plans, and we create channels on Microsoft Teams to communicate tips and other information to our employees. These have all been well-received by our team. 

Thank you to Brian for insight into riskmethod’s unique approach to onboarding and pre-onboarding!  

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