HR moments that matter: Keeping the “human” in “Human Resources”

When I sat down to chat with Trina White, PHR, SHRM-CP and VP of human resources at HealthRIGHT 360, I planned to ask about her views on onboarding, and the importance of marking employees’ 30-, 60-, and 90-day milestones. What we ended up discussing, though, was so much better.

HealthRIGHT 360 is a family of integrated health programs serving 13 counties throughout California. As a non-profit organization that delivers healthcare to those in need, HealthRIGHT 360 has taken a strong stance on humanity, and they are focused on treating their employees with the same respect and compassion as their patients.

“We always come back to our people, because people are our business,” Trina says. From the first day an employee starts a position at HealthRIGHT 360, every moment matters to that person, and contributes to their success at the company. For Trina and her team, onboarding is crucial, and they are approaching it in an intentional way so that each employee feels a connection with the company mission right from the start. “We are in the high 90th percentile of employees believing in our mission, and that’s really important to us,” says Trina. “We’re always thinking of the employee value proposition. How do we take away the administrative piece and make their experience more about the bigger picture?”

Trina says one of the keys to keeping everyone on track and mission-driven is to allow for fluidity and mid-course change in all strategic plans. Because her team is consistently collecting and responding to employee feedback, they’ve embraced the nature of the ever-changing employee climate and adopted an approach to meaningfully shift the human resources lens and redirect its focus. “We like to build our plans with milestones and goals in mind, but also with the freedom to evolve.”

Technology, of course, plays a critical role here, as Trina and her team strive to focus on what she calls “the real moments that matter, not the fundamental ones.” So, while it’s important to recognize landmarks along the employee journey, it’s even more important to invest in the day-to-day moments that make that journey worth it. Trina’s team looks to implement several tools to deliver impactful experiences including video vignettes on the company intranet when face-to-face communication isn’t feasible, translation tools to traverse language barriers, multiple access points to each tool, while already engaging Teams and Zoom for online collaboration.

Thank you to Trina for a truly enlightened perspective on workplace technology!

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