HR moments that matter: Onboarding with a vision

My favorite quote of all time came from Oscar Wilde, who said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

You could probably make a valid argument against the “overdressed” part, especially if you’ve ever worn a prom dress to a honky tonk, but it’s safe to say that everyone agrees it’s not possible to be overeducated. Knowledge is power, and when you deliver the right knowledge to the right people, you’re setting them up for success.

Delivering contextual content to his globally dispersed, highly diverse team is one of Bill Petersen’s overarching goals as the director of sales training and enablement at Everbridge. Bill has been in the onboarding and training game for more than 15 years, working for companies of all sizes. In his current role, Bill is responsible for turning new hires into effective, satisfied employees from the moment they start their employment.

He’s also leading Everbridge’s digital transformation effort, with the goal of leveraging technology to ensure that each employee’s onboarding and new hire training provides a strong foundation for success and growth.

Among the technological advancements that Bill and his team are implementing are a new Learning Management System (LMS) to provide e-Learning courses; a predictive index tool that scores interviewee surveys against Everbridge values to make sure each new hire is a good fit for the company, and vice versa; the Akumina modern intranet platform for communication and personalized content delivery; and Bridge to Everbridge, an innovative 3-day blended experiential welcome to Everbridge that uses e-Learning pre-work to set the stage, and whose the goal is ensure pride in Everbridge, what they do and how each new hire fits into making it happen.

The underlying goal in all of Bill’s efforts is to align his employees with Everbridge’s core values and encourage growth and constant learning. The result is a team of hard-working professionals who know how their work helps their organization, and who continuously strive to improve and develop.

To learn more about the HR business strategy that Bill implemented during Everbridge’s digital transformation, register for the Akumina/HR Today webinar on June 19 at 2 pm EST. Then, when you’re ready to explore your organization’s digital workplace transformation, request a demo of the Akumina employee experience platform and hear how we can help you achieve your goals.

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