If you want to take care of business, take care of employees

If you want to take care of business, take care of employees

The other day, I saw a post on LinkedIn that said, “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.”

As a writer and editor who is always thinking about snappy ways of telling a story, perpetually editing everything he sees (or hears), and always trying to rise above fortune cookie mumbo jumbo that sounds too true to be good, I thought, well, that’s almost right.

It should be:

Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.

WATCH: An introduction to Akumina’s employee experience platform

I don’t care if they’re stockholders or stakeholders, it’s not YOUR business, and they are not YOUR employees. You can have the best product or services ever known to humankind but employees own a company’s success.

Those workers – deskless, deskbound, remote and right next to you – ARE THE BUSINESS, and I’ll let you in on a secret: They can go elsewhere and anywhere at any time (especially millennials) and they’ll take the investment in them and their fully developed institutional knowledge to boot.

It’s costing you, not only in turnover dollars, but the ones who stay might not exactly be rock stars and go-getters.

What’s more, if you keep great workers, you’ll create great customer experiences.

So, how do you attract, train, nurture, and retain great employees? One huge way is with an employee experience platform – a mobile-first digital workplace and modern intranet so every worker, everywhere can be great at their jobs.

Check out this link to our demo video to learn the true power of empowering employees.

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