what is an employee experience platform

Moments that matter and the employee experience

Has your organization planned for the moments that matter? The answer is hopefully, “Yes!”

Even if your company has done its due diligence regarding managing the employee lifecycle, is it effective and straightforward enough for your employees to handle on their own and simple enough for HR teams to manage?

Day One and Beyond

A major moment that matters is an employee’s Day 1. It’s often one of the more stressful days for a person because not only are they trying to learn their new job, but also the inner workings of how their company operates day-to-day. A few questions that might get frantically asked are, “Where do I go to see benefits or payroll?” or “What orientation materials do I need to go through?” or “Where can I find helpful resources?”

A solution some companies provide is a day of orientation or in-person training. This is very helpful, but once it’s done, an employee can still feel a little lost. Especially if they feel not everything was covered for their specific role, or perhaps they didn’t retain all the info they needed. So, what then?

Many organizations will have a company portal that employees can access to attain some information. Unfortunately, these portals aren’t always that customizable to a specific role and have a lot of distracting noise, preventing the employee from easily finding the right materials for them. In addition to this, many employee portals are very decentralized. Important tools for things such as payroll, benefits, and internal communications might not even be connected, making it even more of a hassle to find the right materials.

Employee Experience Platforms

Is there a more effective solution. Yes, there is. Employee experience platforms can help both the end user employee and HR. For an employee, these platforms can provide a single venue to access important tools, company updates and track their individual progress towards their milestones. This experience can be customized to fit their needs and role. From a HR perspective, this will help them manage who can see what and where they can see it. Additionally, they can easily pull reports and evaluate how employees are progressing with new-hire materials or even later stage employee milestones. This could help with the retention of an employee since it will hopefully alleviate any frustration with either feeling lost or unable to find the right materials. Moreover, it could give HR a heads up if an employee isn’t tracking towards their individual goals, allowing HR to jump in and assist where needed.

Akumina Can Help

If your organization could benefit from an employee experience platform, contact us at Akumina to learn more. Not ready to chat? Check out our white paper on the topic.

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