Building an Effective Modern Digital Workplace at Otterbein University

Having a company portal and intranet can help improve the overall effectiveness of your organization.  

Unfortunately, if the system is old, outdated and clunky (i.e. not user-friendly), this can have the opposite effect. The result can lead to a lack of adoption, poor internal communication, and collaboration, among many other negative consequences from staff, students, partners, and other stakeholders. 

Join Otterbein University and Akumina on December 12th at 12 PM EST for a webinar with expert insights, “Building an Effective Modern Digital Workplace at Otterbein University.” 

During the webinar, speakers, Tim Walsh, Enterprise Web Application Designer, and Tahsha Harmon, Director of Technical Support and Training from Otterbein University will share their stories around: 

  • Communication and collaboration challenges 
  • Intranet portal adoption issue  
  • What solutions they leveraged 
  • Lessons learned & best practices 

About the Speakers

Tim Walsh, Enterprise Web Application Designer, Otterbein University 

Tim has worked at Otterbein University since 2010 bringing life and renewal to the university’s website. From there his skills were extended to include reviving the university’s main portal and intranet. Currently, he is the project manager and resident SharePoint developer. Tim is responsible for the day-to-day content workflow and exceeds at providing the training to his team of content managers. Energetic and dedicated to hard work, he additionally manages system databases for the campus. Tim’s background is in publishing and web development. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Franklin Pierce University. 

Tahsha Harmon, Director of Technical Support and Training, Otterbein University 

Tahsha brings her passion for learning to her current role of directing and supporting at Otterbein University where she has worked since 2000. She currently leads the operations of the university’s help desk, computer facilities, and learning management system. Tahsha also created and delivers the university training program to offer skill development to faculty, staff, and student in the use of the campus systems and software resources. Skilled and experienced in effective communication, she delivers Information Technology and Services campus communications through the university’s website, social media, and intranet. She partners with her colleague Tim Walsh to train and develop SharePoint for content editors and campus efficacy. Tahsha’s background is in Information Technology and administration. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organization Communication from Otterbein University. 

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