Take a peek at Akumina’s smart-enabled new office

Akumina is on the rise! 

In support of customer expansion and product development, we grew our headcount by more than 50 percent in 2018 with an additional 50 percent increase planned for 2019.  

In order to accommodate our growing team, Akumina recently moved the team workspace to a modern and smart-enabled office space at our headquarters in the Greater Boston area. The design for the trendy and collaborative new space was spearheaded by Akumina’s VP of Global Marketing, Tahlor DiCicco. 

“When I think of collaboration and the space I want to work with my team in, I think of the value of our corporate principles and Akumina’s bold brand colors,” said Tahlor DiCicco, VP of Global Marketing at Akumina. “I wanted to create a space where people could focus independently, but also come together and inspire one another in a fun, creative space.” 

Check out images of our fantastic new office space!

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