Activity Stream v2

Intelligent Activity Streams

Built on the Akumina Employee Experience Platform.

Take Employee Engagement to the Next Level

Intelligent Activity Steams are the new centerpiece of your modern digital workplace, providing true multi-directional communication between your business and your entire workforce. Share and promote content, communicate critical and time sensitive messages, integrate relevant bits of information from thousands of external systems and build a collaborative social space that is representative of your organization’s mission.

Notifications Hub

Stop relying on manual
email communication
and instead receive
notifications from all
your applications in one
place, so you never miss
a moment.

Sticky Prioritized

Make sure critical
messages are
received by pinning
them at the top of
the feed until they’re


Empower users with
the ability to subscribe
to content and enjoy a
comprehensive stream
with everything they need
and everything they want
from any system.

Commenting & Reactions

Employees will be enabled
to share ideas and
sentiments, along with the
ability to poll other users
on different topics.

Kudos Engine

Share praise and
recognition for a team
member’s job well done
to the entire organization
or a targeted audience.

An Innovative Social Workplace Platform Powered by the Leading EXP Provider

Harness the power of Microsoft and Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform to connect all of your applications and surface them in a single, fully comprehensive and personalized Activity Stream.

Leverage Microsoft Teams to collaborate and create
assets and deploy them to your entire workforce or a targeted audience via your Akumina Intelligent Activity Stream. Use the AI-powered “Akumina Bot” inside Teams to share and promote content, review analytics and create managed content like never before.


Connect with hundreds of third-party applications to deliver task-critical information to every employee in their own personal Intelligent Activity Steam; enabling your entire workforce to do their jobs quickly and easily with the right information, personalized for them, right at their fingertips.


Out-of-the-Box Integrations with Hundreds of Systems

…and thousands more

Launch Your Intranet in as little as 6 weeks!

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform helps global enterprises deliver a unified digital workplace, personalized for each employee, with out-of-the-box modern intranet functionality to meet immediate business needs, along with the flexibility to grow and evolve as your business does.