Akumina’s partnership with Microsoft for employee experiences

Meet Akumina at Microsoft DTA Sept. 17 -19

Microsoft Teams is a canvas for your customers’ digital workplace. Akumina’s platform provides a highly customized centralized hub that integrates Microsoft and third-party applications, such as SAP, Workday and ADP.

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Alliance News

Thank you to the extended MSFT team for a wonderful week at INSPIRE. We were honored to celebrate our partnership and the kick off to FY20. We were thrilled to see our key strategic partners, Avanade and Accenture included in Gavriella Schuster’s corenote.

Together we can achieve more.

FY20: Together we can achieve more

  • Akumina is a Managed IP-CoSell ISV Partner, managed by Alexandra Detweiler, former Microsoft OCP PDM. 
  • “It’s great to be teaming up with Akumina and former MSFTie Alex to help drive our adoption of O365, driving Azure workloads and capturing two co-sell wins out at Banner. I am looking forward to gained momentum throughout and working with the Akumina team more.” – Rachel McKane, HLS ECM
  • “Leveraging Akumina will dramatically improve Smucker’s intranet experience, drive SharePoint Online usage to everyone in the company, integrate Yammer and Teams. This is a huge win for consumption and for the end user experience at J.M. Smucker.” – Brock Witting, CSM
  • “The Akumina partnership, led by Alexandra Detweiler, former Microsoft, is a true IP co-sell partner. Working with Akumina and team was a great experience for both Microsoft and Smucker’s.” – Ryan Ritter, AE

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Akumina drives a cohesive, highly personalized employee experience for your customers.


Features include:

  • Intranet refresh
  • Engage mobile work force and/or create a company mobile app
  • Teams/Office 365 integration
  • Third-party enterprise solution integration (SAP, WorkDay, Concur)
  • Provide HR and communication teams the ability to roll out their own messaging
  • Reduce ad hoc IT spend
GSK Akumina Customer


GSK turned to Akumina to create a next-generation digital hub that features personalized and relevant employee experiences for each user around the globe.

MetLife Akumina Customer


MetLife built an interactive workspace for employees to manage and share their goals, ​tasks, calendar, and notifications personalized to each employee’s role.

Red Sox Akumina Customer

Boston Red Sox

The digital workplace for the Red Sox connects every worker, seasonal and year-round, to an engaging employee experience platform.

Big Lots Akumina Customer

Big Lots

Big Lots uses Akumina to enable a single-user experience and interactive hub for all processes. This allows the company to deliver a unified experience to all employees.

The Modern Intranet that Empowers Global Enterprises

Leveraging Akumina, leading global enterprises create transformative workplace experiences such as modern intranets, digital dashboards, and mobile applications focused on employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

Your dedicated Akumina contact

Alexandra Detweiler Global Director, Strategic Alliance (Microsoft)

Alexandra Detweiler

Global Director, Strategic Alliance (Microsoft)