Akumina is the modern intranet that empowers global enterprises

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Just like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, most businesses spend time meeting their customer’s needs while neglecting those of their employees. Consigning their staff to arduous obsolete technology. The kind that screams, “hey team, doing your job is going to be a whole lot of work.”

Outdated systems destroy productivity and kill company morale. Especially if your teams are more dispersed, more mobile and more millennial than ever before. Maybe it’s time for a digital transformation. Time to build your modern workplace by ditching legacy tools and moving to the cloud. Time to enable your people to work smarter, not harder. Maybe it’s time for Akumina.

Our modern intranet platform replaces the junk drawer you call a shared drive with an engaging centralized hub that works like any website. Connecting everyone no matter how remote to build your culture, improve communication, foster collaboration and help your employees complete their most pressing tasks effortlessly. With Akumina everyone gets a personalized, contextual homepage accessible on any device, anytime in any language. And unlike out-of-the-box alternatives our framework allows you to customize the experience to your requirements.

Start quickly and grow easily adapting to your changing business needs. From onboarding through off-boarding and every moment in between, enable your employees to do their best work with our modern intranet platform. Because your employees will be happier, more engaged and productive when they love the way they work.

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