Igniting collaboration and empowering communication with a modern digital workplace

Your company portal and employee intranet help to improve the overall effectiveness of your organization’s IT department and efficiency of the entire business.

Unfortunately, if systems are antiquated or homegrown, organizations can experience the opposite effect. The result often leads to lackluster adoption from employees, partners, and other stakeholders, all while forcing the IT team to have to manage multiple systems. 

Attend Akumina’s Webinar with Church’s Chicken

On December 18th, join Akumina and Spiceworks for an exclusive session highlighting expert insight from fast food chain champion, Church’s Chicken. The webinar will discuss the implementation of a Modern Digital Workplace for improved communication and collaboration. 

Justin Alemazkour, Senior System Analyst, and Allyson Otey, Senior Internal Communications Specialist, of Church’s Chicken, will discuss: 

  • Challenges they had faced with old process and technologies 
  • Corporate communication and collaboration 
  • Finding value from a centralized and functional digital workplace environment 
  • Use cases and successful solutions and strategies 
  • Experience-proven best practices and lessons learned 

Join us on December 18th, register today!

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