Put Your Business at the Forefront of Modern Workplace Transformation with Akumina  

The workplace landscape is drastically changing now more than ever. We’re seeing low unemployment rates in the US and technology innovation popping up in every aspect of our lives.  

In order to retain and attract a diverse workforce your business needs to fill the innovation gap. Simply put, your employee’s personal life is filled with innovation; almost everyone owns a smartphone. When your workforce clocks in, it is a detriment to their experience to be met with disconnected technology and competing systems. The right workplace experience puts the employee at the center. They needed to be empowered for the job they’re doing with the right technology to do it.

If you haven’t already, your businesses should start a journey toward digital workplace transformation in order to bring together a series of experiences to better engage employees, make them more productive, and improve collaboration.

A successful, well-polished, and modern workplace should include experiences like:

  • Communications – Deliver the right content to the right employee at the right time.
  • Information Hub or Dashboard – Connect technology together to deliver efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Searchability – Simplify how employees find information & colleagues.
  • Collaboration – Enable interactions across team members and departments.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Empower employees to be as productive as possible.

Ultimately, your digital workplace transformation isn’t one self-contained project, but a series of experiences delivered over time to help your employees work faster, better, and easier.

Bringing Together the Employee Experience

You can’t expect a team collaboration site or a single communication system to deliver what you need on their own. These individual experiences need to be part of the employees’ holistic experience to make up all interactions with your workplace.

The way Akumina has architected its digital workplace technology platform allows you to deliver self-contained experiences over time. If you need to add an experience or provide an additional experience, you can do so without bringing your entire site down to fix it, you can pull back that one experience, change it, and deliver it back out to your workforce.

Product and Platform

Akumina is the leading digital workplace provider because it’s the cross between a product and a platform.  When you look at the digital workplace landscape, you will see an emergence of products offering many robust out-of-the-box solutions, but they’re rigid when it comes to personalization and customization. Products are attempting to look more like platforms by providing flexibility through APIs and SDKs.

The big platforms offer a ton of flexibility but at the cost of extensive development requirements. They’re a mile long and a mile deep with oversized, complex implementations.

Akumina sits at the forefront of these solutions to allow businesses to adapt to changing employee expectations. Akumina offers out-of-the-box functionality for those seeking a quick time-to-value, but Akumina is built on a series of flexible widget frameworks that allow organizations to quickly and easily customize a full digital workplace experience on our platform to their desire. Additionally, Akumina can integrate existing processes and technology into the platform to create a robust hub in a single pane of glass.

For example, the center fielder for the Boston Red Sox and a medical scientist at GSK both interact with the Akumina platform, and both have completely different experiences and journeys based on their job and desired outcomes by easily customizing the Akumina platform based on their use cases.

Developing the Proper Strategy

Most organizations don’t have a technology problem, they have a strategy problem. If you are buying a site to solve a critical business challenge, you may find that your strategy needs to be widened. Implementing stand-alone solutions will not bring together enough use cases to meet the demands of a modern workplace environment. Your plan should encompass all experiences to drive adoption with a digitally centralized solution.

Additionally, our interface delivers a simple user-experience so any business unit can manage the platform solving the challenge of business ownership. Business owners can efficiently manage the entire platform and not just the content.

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