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NASHUA, N.H. & BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Akumina, the leader in digital workplace software solutions, today announced product enhancements that deliver support for native enterprise mobile apps, further accommodating the company’s rapidly expanding global customer base.

Akumina works with customers around the globe to develop comprehensive solutions for digital workplace technology across every aspect of the organization. These new enhancements enable employees to access appropriate enterprise applications and information at any time, in any language, and on any device—either through traditional responsive design or via native mobile app solutions on the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

“During the development of our Akumina-platformed digital workplace, it was clear that a native mobile app would dramatically increase readership and interaction across our 62,000 employees,” said the chief information officer at a global 1,000 European technology company. “Akumina delivered our ‘digital mobile hub’ in less than 6 weeks and at scale, supporting more than 3.7 million requests in its first 30 days after launch. The mobile app built on Akumina and Microsoft Office 365 delivers a level of engagement with our employees we were unable to accomplish through a standard browser experience.”

With this new release, Akumina has developed a rapid and repeatable approach to enabling fully-functional, native mobile applications that deliver all the capabilities of its enterprise digital workplace software platform to employees via iOS or Android devices. With true enterprise deployment, Akumina delivers a “non-one-size-fits-all” native application to employees across the Microsoft cloud ecosystem.

“The speed of delivery of these applications—combined with the personal nature of the approach—expands the ability to leverage mobile applications across additional enterprise scenarios. These deployments were often not previously feasible due to costs of implementation and time,” said David Maffei, Akumina’s President. “Our customers aren’t looking for a generic software vendor ‘mobile app.’ They are looking for their mobile app—one created specifically for their employees. When it comes to native mobility, Akumina shines brightest in the market.”

The Akumina digital workplace solution is built on top of Office 365 and ships with deep integrations to market-leading software applications such as Salesforce.com, Workday, Oracle Cloud, SAP, ServiceNow, and others. Akumina’s expansive features and capabilities—now bolstered with native mobile app support—represent a new era in digital engagement with employees across the enterprise digital workplace.

About Akumina

Akumina provides the leading digital engagement software solution delivering a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work, collaborate, and innovate. Akumina’s customers are using the software platform to drive modern and global intranets, digital workplace solutions, extranets, and portals. Akumina’s customers include the Boston Red Sox, Walt Disney Corporation, iRobot, The World Trade Center, and the Department of Defense, to name a few. To learn more visit www.akumina.com or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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