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Akumina Inc., whose InterChange software platform dramatically increases the productivity of internal business users and empowers developers to deliver a more intuitive way of driving the adoption of cloud technology, today announced the release of Version 3.0 of the InterChange Platform. This release includes important new enhancements to the platform which make InterChange the only development platform that can be used to create applications that leverage enterprise content, managed in Office365 or SharePoint on premises, for multichannel web and mobile delivery.

Develop Cloud-Ready Solutions

InterChange solves two key problems for organizations looking to take full advantage of their investment in Microsoft Cloud Services beyond SharePoint; including Office Graph, Yammer and Dynamics. The Akumina Experience Platformprovides a user-interface experience that is easy to understand for line of business users keeping them focused on executing their job rather than learning how to work in multiple backend business systems. The InterChange DevFramework is an easy way for organizations to deliver mobile first, cloud first, business applications on Microsoft’s cloud services not only using the new approach of Javascript, client-side development but also in a way that aligns with their existing .NET, C# and MVC developer skillset.

Typically hosted on Azure, InterChange wires into an Office 365 or SharePoint on premises environment and delivers exceptional experiences across intranets, portals, extranets, team sites and public facing web sites. InterChange’s decoupled architecture empowers the creation, management and maintenance of sites powered by an organization’s digital intelligence inside Office 365. Using InterChange developers and designers can build business applications that are collaborative, personalized, adaptive, and targeted, providing a wider range of developer options than what is available when working with client-side scripting natively in Office 365. Using the InterChange DevFramework allows Office 365 digital assets to be delivered as Content-as-a-Service and displayed or output to any delivery channel – from web sites, mobile applications, wearable gadgets or even IoT displays.

“By abstracting the development layer from cloud services applications like SharePoint and Office 365, InterChange provides a tremendous degree of flexibility, centered on the user experiences which drive business application success,” stated Ed Rogers, Akumina’s CEO. “This is a key concept when moving from on premises SharePoint, to hybrid and ultimately, Office 365. The InterChange platform allows our clients to maximize their investment in Microsoft Cloud Services while delivering customized solutions that are cloud-ready.”

Learn more about InterChange on an April 21 webinar with Microsoft Sr. Product Manager Chris McNulty.

The InterChange SDK

With Version 3.0, InterChange also now includes a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that can be used by Akumina’s partners and client developers to create their own custom content management apps and present them to internal business users as an app inside of the InterChange AppManager UI.

“The SDK provides a tremendous amount of extensibility to how InterChange enables the management of SharePoint data,” stated Jason Arden, Akumina’s vice president of engineering. “Developers can now quickly modify the user experience for managing lists and items by building logical dependencies between fields and incorporating enterprise-specific use cases into custom InterChange apps.”

About Akumina

Akumina delivers a software platform that enables internal business users to do their job and empowers developers to deliver a more intuitive way of increasing the adoption of today’s cloud technology. InterChange’s decoupled architecture independently empowers the creation, management and maintenance of site experiences powered by an organizations intelligence, inside Office 365 and associated cloud technologies. Akumina’s clients include Roper Technologies, Putnam Investments, the Realty Operations Group and The University of California.

For more information, please contact:
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