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Akumina today announced it has appointed Paul Houghton to its board of directors.  Houghton who lives in Atlanta, GA spent 23years at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) leading sales organizations in the enterprise, small and medium sized customer segment as well as the government customer segment. He worked throughout the U.S., in China and Australia before leaving the company in 2011.  Houghton was most recently President of the America’s for SITA – a multi-billion-dollar company that designs, delivers and operates sophisticated business solutions for air transportation and government customers globally.

In his role on the board, Houghton will provide strategic guidance and help build strong, value-based relationships with corporate customers, government entities and Microsoft partners.

Akumina develops software that allows Microsoft customers to immediately begin productively using Office 365 services like SharePoint Online, Yammer and Office Video to deliver exceptional mobile-first, targeted experiences on any corporate intranet, portal or public facing web site.

“Akumina’s technology addresses a very real and well known problem for Microsoft customers and partners – leveraging the power of the today’s commercial software for business impact,” said Houghton. “I am impressed with Akumina’s technology and focus on delivering value to customers and partners. We have a tremendous opportunity to help organizations maximize their investment in Office 365, Microsoft’s other cloud services, and market leading applications like Salesforce.com.”

“We are excited to start working with Paul to fine tune our go-to-market strategy,” said Steven Sherkanowski, Akumina’s President and COO. “We believe that Akumina’s technology provides an important opportunity for those looking to do more with Office 365 and Paul’s guidance and extensive network should prove extremely valuable in helping us raise our awareness and grow our business.”

Paul can be found on LinkedIn at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-houghton-591baa7.

About Akumina

Akumina delivers a software platform that enables internal business users to do their job and empowers developers to deliver a more intuitive way of increasing the adoption of today’s cloud technology. Akumina’s decoupled architecture independently empowers the creation, management and maintenance of site experiences powered by an organization’s digital intelligence, inside Office 365 and associated cloud technologies. Akumina’s clients include Roper Technologies, Putnam Investments, the Realty Operations Group and the Department of Defense. To learn more visit www.akumina.com or follow us on LinkedInFaceBook and Twitter.


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