Empowering Thoughts From Ignite 2016

Plastered on the wall everywhere at Microsoft Ignite this week was the following call to arms:

Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

As a Microsoft customer, you have at your fingertips the first requirement towards achieving this goal; namely a great technology partner on which to build empowering solutions for your organization.

However, based on a lot of our conversations this week, there still remains a gap between the lofty aspirations of this mission of empowerment and the reality on the ground. This gap is a result of the utopian point of view of the mission statement against the reality that to get there will take more than an Office 365 subscription and a week away in Atlanta.

In a lot of ways coming back from a show like Ignite can be bittersweet. On the one hand, you’ve seen all this great technology. It should absolutely help your business. But you are also likely feeling overwhelmed by the thought of “how do I make it all a reality back at home.”

Keep this anxiety in mind when you consider rolling out something new from Ignite to the rest of your business. Your end users will likely great your enthusiasm for the latest innovation in Office 365 with the same hesitation around how they will actually be successful using this new technology. The training you might offer will sound a lot like the deep dive sessions you went to at Ignite.

Looks awesome but “how do I really use that day to day.”

So how can you get there? What tools and services are there in the marketplace that can help you succeed?

Consider what you would want to add….

  • A way to simplify access
  • A way to hook in more than simply Office 365 tools
  • A willingness of your users to participate and adopt the solutions
  • A process to iterate and continuously improve

Most importantly some evidence that people have successfully done this and that there is a plan that you might be able to follow. A balance of mentorship, guidance and straight up services would be ideal.

This is where a technology like InterChange can come in to play. InterChange is designed to make it easy for your end users to adopt all the exciting new functionality in Office 365 and SharePoint you just learned about. The key to making this possible is eliminating the question which is undermining your success – “how do I?”

InterChange’s task specific Apps are designed to provide a unified content and site management user experience, coupled with a personalized and mobile-ready intranet. With this unified user experience, you can stop training everyone in the underlying business systems which power your digital workplace and start “empowering them to achieve more” than they, even you, thought possible.

To learn more check out this quick video about the InterChange DigitalWorkplace and learn how together we can help you get more out of Ignite and Office 365 than you ever thought possible.


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