Reinventing the Employee Experience with a Digital Workplace

We’re joining forces with Avanade to host a webinar to showcase how our partnership is helping organizations create engaging and transformative employee experiences by embracing the concept of a “Digital Workplace”. Join the webinar to learn what a Digital Workplace is all about and the dramatic benefits it can have on your organization!

Research from Gallup shows that 70% of the workforce is disengaged and over $500 billion is lost every year to employee disengagement.

With billions being lost every year, it’s no doubt that organizations are under extreme pressure to find solutions and methods to keep their employees engaged to increase productivity levels, keep turnover rates low and stay ahead of the competition.

At Akumina, we are focused on delivering a framework for building connected digital experiences that transform how employees work, engage with enterprise technology and collaborate using a consumer-like interface. We recently partnered with Avanade, the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, who shares the same vision around delivering innovative solutions to generate more productive, mobile and data-rich ways of working.

To kick off our partnership we are hosting a webinar next month to showcase how together our partnership is helping organizations remain successful at keeping their employees engaged by embracing the concept of a “Digital Workplace” tailored to meet the needs and expectations of their employees.

Join our webinar and explore:

  • What a digital workplace is
  • What a successful digital workplace consists of
  • Cost analyst of leveraging a framework vs. a custom solution
  • How Avanade and Akumina have partnered together to provide a digital workplace solution that allows customers to create engaging and transformative employee experiences
  • Short demo of Akumina’s Digital Workplace Platform

Webinar: Reinvent Employee Engagement and Productivity with a Digital Workplace

Thursday February 2nd | 2pm EST

Presented by:
Akumina: David Maffei, CRO & Jason Arden, VP of Engineering
Avanade: Michelle Caldwell, Digital Transformative Lead

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