Whitepaper – Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace

Employee engagement measures the level of involvement, enthusiasm and commitment an employee has for their work and the organization. Employees benefit from being highly engaged and the organization they work for benefits from having highly engaged employees—a win-win overall. At Akumina, we have a strong viewpoint on Employee Engagement and have published it in a new whitepaper, now available for download.

Organizations worldwide have problems understanding how to approach less-engaged, under-engaged or not-engaged employees. This is a global problem, not limited to one area, one demographic, or one industry.  At Akumina, this is an important piece of our digital workplace design. It is important to us that our customers feel we are a partner with them in encouraging employee engagement with digital workplace tools and solutions.

But, how should we address this? There are so many ways. 🙂 We’ve put our minds together and have detailed five approaches in this white paper that organizations can take to improve employee engagement.

  1. Creating connectivity to other employees, regardless of physical location.
  2. Discovering opportunities to contribute beyond what is available in the local area.
  3. Highlighting lighthouse employees across the organization as examples of performance.
  4. Linking current work tasks to the larger vision and purpose of the organization, in order to stoke the fires of contribution and meaning.
  5. Offering the right tools for each type of job, giving employees what they need to get their work done efficiently and effectively.

Employee Engagement is an exercise in organizational change. It is more comprehensive than any single technology, or any single messaging and communications initiative from company leadership. Influencing employee engagement for the benefit of all groups takes a consistent and shared effort across many touchpoints.

What can we do that would help our Employees to *WANT* to be more engaged?

Following the tradition of that great thinker, Jack Ryan, in “Hunt for Red October,” we have to get in the minds of our fellow employees and think, “What would make those employees WANT to get off of a Nuclear Submarine?” In today’s world, that may translate to, “What can we do to help our employees WANT to work better, faster, more easily, while enjoying their work more fully and feeling a strong sense of contribution to the group and to society”?

We invite you to download and read this whitepaper, “Employee Engagement and the Digital Workplace – The Akumina Viewpoint”. Please let us know what you think and if you’d like to contribute to the conversation.

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