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Akumina Partners

Digital Workplace Implementation Expertise

We love our partners! 

Akumina provides partners and customers with a digital workplace platform that delivers a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work, collaborate, and innovate.

Akumina’s partners cut through the noise of multiple business systems by abstracting them from the systems their clients don’t need to see and providing them with an experience that is relevant, personalized, and mobile-friendly.

Our partners are fully committed to using the Akumina platform and understand best practices, as well as flawlessly executing and collaborating on Akumina’s vision to drive employee engagement, corporate collaboration, and worker productivity.

These partners are fully supported by Akumina and are experts in making the client’s investment the best it possibly can be. Akumina stands behind each partner 100%.

Accenture partners with Akumina
Avanade, strategic partner of Akumina
Blend Interactive Akumina
BlueDog Technology partners with Akumina, the employee experience platform company.
Blue Metal, a partner of Akumina
Bonfire, a partner of Akumina
Centric Consulting, a partner of Akumina
Cisco Akumina EXP
.orgCommunity Akumina Customer
Create Digital partners with Akumina to build a digital workplace.
edynamic, a partner of Akumina
Faclon Akumina Customer
FirmWise Akumina Customer
General Networks Akumina EXP partner
Green River Media, an Akumina partner
H3 Solutions and Akumina employee experience platform
ITCube, a partner of Akumina
Jaishu, a partner of Akumina
LogicsOne, a partner of Akumina
Momentum, a partner of Akumina
Persistent and the Akumina employee experience platform
Protiviti and Akumina work together to build an employee experience platform
RightPoint, a partner of Akumina
Salt Brook and the Akumina employee experience platform
SoHo Dragon partners with Akumina, the leader in digital workplace transformation.
StitchDX, a partner of Akumina
TechData Akumina Partner
Timlin and Akumina EXP
Versatile - Akumina customer
Wire Stone partners with Akumina, the employee experience platform company.


Brightcove Akumina EXP
Microsoft partners with Akumina, world leader in employee experience.
Webtrends, a partner of Akumina
Agilepoint, a partner of Akumina
Vertical Response, a partner of Akumina
Nintex logo Akumina
With Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform, Sharegate built an interactive digital workspace.
Akumina supports integration with Salesforce in its employee experience platform.
Vinewave, a partner of Akumina