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Motivate and inspire your team with programs for overall wellbeing.

"How are you feeling today?"

  • Employees select from a series of options to check-in on how they're feeling. Can be customized to each company based on culture, objectives, etc.
  • Based on answers, recommend meditation exercises or physical activities to improve overall mood.
  • Get real-time feedback on the general sentiment of your workforce at any point in time. 

Give kudos where kudos are due.

  • A little appreciate goes a long way. Every member of your team can utilize the Kudos Engine, allowing peer-to-peer and leadership-to-team recognition for a job well done.
  • Timeliness is important in employee recognition, so it's a key feature of the Intelligent Activity Stream.  

Get social with your communications strategy.

  • Give your team the opportunity to show their support with comments and reactions built right into the platform.
  • Reactions are customized to each business from a set of out-of-the-box options. 
  • Administrators are given rights to moderate and manage. 
  • Threaded comments and @mentions. 

Create custom questions for every possible scenario.

  • Use polling and surveys to create real-time feedback mechanisms and processes.
  • Akumina Community members utilize this feature to create everything from Daily Covid Check-ins to asking, "Where should we have the holiday party?



Nearly 55% of survey respondents stated they have considered, or are currently considering, leaving their jobs for a company who cares more about their mental health and overall wellbeing.

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Akumina Community Spotlight: Boston Red Sox

"We were looking for a digital engagement partner to really help us communicate with our employees...create a compelling experience that was visually rich, that was mobile interactive, that was compelling, and that our employee base wanted to leverage and use as a tool to help them do their jobs better and be more informed."

Brian Shield | Chief Information Officer, Boston Red Sox
new GSK
3 Red Sox
4 Unilever
5 Vodafone
6 Dept of Defense
7 Metlife
8 Syngenta
9 Crocs
10 Chevron

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The key to delivering a modern workplace transformation is to understand each type of employee and deliver an experience that meets their needs.

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