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Enable your team to do their best work.

Integrate company tools in one interface.

Your employees enjoy one central location that they can access to interact with the business, team members, and tools they use on a daily basis.

  • Out-of-the-box integration with the Microsoft365 technology stack, including Microsoft Teams and Viva.
  • Open-API framework: Connect to any application you need via API connectors, including leading workplace tools like ServiceNow, Workday, and many more.
  • Single sign-on capabilities.
  • Native mobile app allows employees access to their tools anywhere on any device.



Establish a sustainable platform that everyone on your team will love.

Too often, digital workplace or modern intranet administrators spend too much time helping users learn and manage their tools. Or worse, users go around IT to find their own tools that seem easier to use, wasting money and resources.

Provide your content managers with a streamlined platform and freedom to build their websites and edit their content in the elegant user interface.


The Top 21 Intranet Platforms of 2023 Ranked: ClearBox Consulting Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report

Create and maintain a strong company culture.

Employees that are engaged are happier and more productive. It can be difficult to build connections across your organization in a remote or hybrid environment. The AkuminaEXP is designed for the today's workforce, with innovative features like:

  • Intelligent Activity Streams connects alerts, notifications, team kudos, comments, tasks and actionable items in one, centralized feed for optimum engagement.
  • Employee Wellness Engine checks in with your team to understand overall sentiment, and can be combined with employee polls and surveys to get feedback on any topic.

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Hear about the employee experience features that have made a big impact at MassMutual.

Featuring Betsy Codding, Head of Digital Communications and Multimedia


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Empower your team with the features they need to get their jobs done.

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