Build a Digital Workplace for Remote Employees in 7 Weeks

When You Can’t Access Your Physical Workplace, Build a Digital One

Akumina provides a hyper-personalized modern intranet platform that centers around the employee, and enables your remote workers to maintain productivity outside of the officeWith Akumina you are able to:

  • Provide access to task-critical information for your remote workforce.
  • Maintain a culture of collaboration by integrating tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack into your modern intranet interface.
  • Easily communicate with your teams using a content management system that allows you to create your message once and distribute it to an infinite number of locations with the click of a button.

Akumina, delivered by Avanade, the world’s leading digital innovator, can help you reach your modern intranet goals in as little as 7 weeks with our FLIGHT program.

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